the New Constitution would allow the authorities to resort to another increase in the retirement age, according to respondents URA.RU economists. In their opinion, the new pension reform will speak immediately after the state Duma elections.

we are Talking about the amendment in paragraph W.1 of article 72, according to which the state should create conditions “for the implementation of adult children’s duties to care for their parents”. In the previous edition of the Basic law stated only that able-bodied children should take care of their disabled parents.

Director of the liberty Institute, Fyodor Biryukov said URA.RU that all elderly parents can place on children, as in China. And this, in turn, will become a stepping stone for a new round of pension reform.

Economist, member of the Stolypin club, Vladislav Zhukovsky also believes that the new constitutional provision will enable the authorities in the event of a crisis in the economy to justify the abandonment of the policy of the welfare state. As the expert cited the labor Ministry plans to take contributions from the salaries of the Russians to Fund unemployment insurance.

According to forecasts of Zhukovsky, the theme of the new pension reform returns to the agenda after the state Duma elections, which are expected in the fall of 2021.

Economist Vasily Koltashev, in contrast, believes that the amendment on the liability of children for their parents is a purely evaluative in nature, and the leading expert of Institute of modern development Nikita Maslennikov considers it as a pretext to establish “the parent capital” by analogy with the parent. However, the final essence of the amendment will be clear after the details in the legislation, experts say.