The Ambassador of Russian Federation in Turkey threatened in connection with the events in Idlib

Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Alexei erchov reported the threats received in his address in connection with the aggravation of the situation in Idlib.

As the diplomat noted, recent developments in this Syrian province called anti-Russian hysteria in social networks, Turkey.

Speaking about the escalation of the conflict in Syria, erkhov confirmed: “it is very painful and disturbing events of the day.” First he killed the officers of the armed forces, then military personnel of the Turkish Republic. After that, in social networks began, “a monstrous pandemonium”. In an interview with Sputnik Turkey the Ambassador quoted some of his statements: “kiss your ass Goodbye”, It’s time you burn”, “no One will mourn you”.

ergov reminded that the similar situation already was five years ago in connection with the situation in Aleppo. All ended with the “airplane crisis” and the murder of Ambassador Andrei Karlov. The diplomat stressed that now threatened him directly, saying “the bloodlust of some of the authors of posts and blogs, as well as hatred and anger, which sometimes discourage them hunt and the ability to think logically.

And the second point, according to Erchova, even more dangerous is the failure to understand the partner, the logic of his actions, listen to his words and to accept the right of others to their own point of view. “This attitude can turn into big trouble”, — quotes the words Erchova RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Turkish Republic reported five fatalities during the shelling of the observation post in Idlib by the army of the SAR.

Also on February 3, shelling killed eight Turkish soldiers. According to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as a result of retaliatory strikes killed 76 Syrian soldiers.

the Turkish leader said that he spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to exert pressure on the head of Bashar al-Assad, to the government troops stopped the offensive in Idlib and moved away from Turkish observation posts until the end of FebruaryLa. Otherwise, Erdogan threatened a military response.

Also yesterday the President of Turkey has accused Syria and Russia in the shelling of civilians in Idlib. Moscow, denying the charges, said: the reason for the escalation in Idlib was the failure by Turkey of its obligations.