The Ambassador of Russia to Turkey said

Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Alexei Ergovu continue to threaten.

In Turkish social media raging anti-Russian hysteria of the events in Syria in his address to write absolutely terrible things: promise to build skyscrapers from the skulls of Russian troops and swear they will make you pay for every drop of blood shed.

In this case, the information field on the topic of security of the Russian diplomatic missions cleared.

Argov believes that such statements cannot be ignored, because they relate not only to diplomats. It is impossible to provoke hatred between Nations, reports “Star”.

Earlier it was reported that the protection of the Embassy in Ankara is strengthened. The Kremlin has expressed confidence that Turkey will ensure the safety of Embassy staff.

Russia, Iran and Turkey in 2017 have agreed to establish four zones of de-escalation in Syria. But Eliska area is still under the control of militants. In September 2018 Russia and Turkey agreed to establish a demilitarized zone in Idlib, where more than a dozen different groups. In late January, Syrian security forces launched an offensive in the West of Aleppo.