online shops, and authorities contacts with the E-ID rules. The wants a new law, which was adopted by the Parliament in the autumn session. Already in the course of the discussion, SP, Green, as well as several groups have announced, to take against the law in the Referendum. Now you can make nails with heads.

stone of contention is the Parliament, agreed division of tasks between the state and the economy. Of the Federal checks and confirms the identity of a Person. Will be issued the E-ID but from private providers, the so-called Identity providers, which are in turn monitored by the Federal government.

For the referendum Committee, the law is a “genuflection to the interests of the economy – at the expense of democracy and of the population,” as it is called in a message from Tuesday. The Parliament has politicised the people’s sake.

population wants. there is no private solution

The Digital society results in a survey conducted by the University of Zurich in the field Thus, a private solution has, such as from the Federal government and the Parliament proposed, in the case of citizens not a Chance. 82 percent of respondents want the E-ID from the state. Just 1.7 per cent, to give, to prefer a private solution.

With the law on electronic identification services to the Federal government and the Parliament of a state’s core task, said goodbye to Daniel Graf was from the Association of Public Beta quote. “For the future of direct democracy, it would be a Super-Gau, big banks, insurance companies and government-related corporations to leave the digital passport office.”

in order for the private E-ID Exhibitor festival were given the responsibility for the storage and use of data, keeps Erik schönberger of the Digital society. “The Federal government has only a weak function of control remains.”

Digital passport desired

at the same time to Start the collection of signatures the Committee an E-ID has launched vending machine to advertise for a digital Swiss passport by the state. The personalized “Swiss E-ID” is the Central demand of a referendum campaign: Yes to a digital Swiss passport by the state, no to a solution of private companies.

Behind the E-ID-Referendum, a non-party is a coalition of organisations, networks and parties. The Referendum is supported by the Digital society, the independent Swiss campaign organization Campax, the democracy platform, We Collect, and the Association of Public Beta.

the Referendum is already Supported by the SP, the Greens, the pirate party and members from other parties. The deadline for Collecting 50’000 signatures to 16. January, 2020.