The small Clean team has made in its history of technology Innovation. The engineers in Hinwil, where now about 450 employees are counted, pioneered ingenious Coanda exhaust, they sent the rules to pull that trick on most, or in the case of S-duct of the modern era, in the air under the car via a channel to the top passed in and out of the bubbles.

However, the last five years – three times world Cup-the tenth – were a dark Chapter of history. Only in the course of the season 2018, the team recovered and was even at times the best Team, behind the giants of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

the climb continues?

With the C38 wants to join the Alfa Romeo Racing (due to the manufacturer’s Sauber Motorsport AG Alfa-Clean) seamlessly on the rise. In the case of a GP win, by the way, our national anthem would be played!

appeared as images from the Shakedown, the new car caused a sensation. Alfa – Clean themselves, keep the feet still. Team boss Frédéric Vasseur and technology-in-chief Simone Resta (which is paid for by Ferrari) wanted to give us, of course, known, no Details, “but let us say that we have used the winter months for creativity and not for skiing in the Swiss Alps”, as stated in the official press release.

During the Test, observers were not only because of Kimi snake in front of the Garage, also the technology has it done to them. The C38 is a radical car. Its predecessor was one of the most daring vehicles in the field. Therefore, the technicians also needed time to understand him allumfänglich.

No wonder that the results came only gradually. The Cooling concept is also in this year, spectacular. Alone on the helmet are five Openings for cooling and intake air in the Airbox are already in the side boxes, four Openings are at it again. “Double-Decker arrangement of” call the Hinwil engineers your solution. Together with the new nose, the C38 has inlets eerie 13 air.

In many Parts of the C38 is a consistent further development. Cooling design, long wheelbase – which gives the aerodynamic core of a lot of room for air baffles, overhead cross arm and low-slung side-to-side impact structure have been adopted, optimized.

2019 astound the Swiss, but especially with a very aggressive front wing. The new regulations has led the Teams in different directions, Alfa-Clean is ranked at one end of the Extreme. You will be amazed.

The wing elements produce air turbulence around the outside of the front tires. This is a very different way than Mercedes or Red Bull. What is better?

a Maximum of five elements, less vertical fins, a simple end plate, looks like from the Lego kit. This is to prevent the wing-produced swirling air outside around the car. It has been found in the past that this turbulence is met behind the car back together and the tracker contact pressure, screwed.

So was Overtaking more and more difficult, because the drivers were in the “Dirty Air” in the location, in the curves tight to open up. In order for the car not to lose too much Speed, has made the FIA the engineers some concessions. The front wing is now two meters wide, the rear wing is 105 inches, and it is mounted seven inches higher. The rule makers have expected that the cars will be two seconds per lap slower. But the test have shown that you are a second faster. Although you will lose because of the higher air resistance of 5 to 10 km/h on the Straight, and with 743 kilograms of ten kilograms heavier than last year. This makes the watch a minimum of three-tenths.

The most doubt,

The prize question, whether the Overtaking will be easier, has not yet been clarified. There are controversial statements. “There is no difference to before,” says Ricciardo. Vettel and Hamilton were on the third day of the test, the proof that not much has changed. Vettel drove more laps behind the McLaren of Sainz, Hamilton felt like an eternity behind the Alfa-Clean of Raikkonen. The Ferrari had previously get two seconds per lap on Sainz. Vettel: “No Chance of passing him. I never got close enough to him.” Red Bull Aero Guru Newey: “It is yet to overtake more difficult!” (Mike Hammer)