interact with all The uncertainty in the passport, which can’t compete due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, your flight – or not – is enormous. The anxious question: will I Get back the money for the plane ticket ever again?

“Swiss no longer pay back cancelled Tickets!” The financial portal “Inside Paradeplatz reported:” last Tuesday. The German Lufthansa-controlled Airline, have got in Switzerland over the years, million, wrote the Portal. Now you let the customer bleeding and asking for state help. Other media followed with similar Reports.

it All wrong! In the case of the Swiss was overloaded at the beginning, only the computer system, because thousands of flights were and the customer wanted to rebook.

passengers to feel alone

But the damage was done. The headlines fueled the uncertainty. In addition, The goodwill of the Airlines varies depending on the country massively. To keep perspective, is difficult.

Not only in the case of the Swiss, also in VIEW of reports of unsettled readers reported by the media. You feel that the airlines left alone. For example, a VIEW-reader Marco T.* (36) to take his dream vacation until recently, yesterday, Friday, three weeks West coast USA including Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and a Trip on the legendary Highway Number One. But like so many of the Coronavirus came in his way.

Instead of flying with Swiss to Los Angeles, he now sits at home in Aargau, was afraid of losing his loved one. “The more the Coronavirus spread, the greater my fear that the trip could fall into the water,” explains T. to VIEWS.

Airbnb accommodations to respond quickly

As the U.S. President Donald Trump (73) on the 11. March imposed late in the evening, refused entry to the country against Europeans, Marco T. clear: He remains in Switzerland, the trip actually falls into the water. But postponed is not cancelled, thought of the holiday hungry. And want to at least get the money for the dream trip back.

In the case of the already booked Hotels and Airbnb accommodations in the U.S., it works smoothly. Not so in the case of the Swiss, Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss. Here he is put off with an offer on free transfer until 31.12.2020. Travel insurance has not completed the Aargau.

“What brings me a transfer up to the end of the year?”, Marco T. “asks no-one knows how long the Corona-crisis is going to last. In addition, we can make up for the holiday this year, little more.” Because many employers insist that holidays must be while the travel lock is due to the Coronavirus-related.

Swiss builds goodwill from the

Marco T. and many Swiss customers, there is now but a Happy ending. First of all, the Swiss has not stopped, contrary to the rumors, the refund of the cancelled Tickets. She denied the false reports on the Internet and insured on the question of VIEW: “refunds will remain for our customers, of course, still possible, we stick here to the applicable law.”

And who would like to repost from yesterday, a special grace: New all of up to 19 can. April 2020 booked flights with a departure date up to 30. April 2021, irrespective of the booking fare and rebooked once free of charge. The desired transfer can 31 to to. August 2020 to be made.

one but the Airline is asking your customer: understand that the refund of cancelled Tickets in high demand, don’t be in the current Situation, due to the extraordinary volume “in the usual time limits” possible.

The passenger need, therefore, patience pays in the end but.

* Name known to the editors