two years Ago I commented to this point, the time to vote, it’s pretty opaque, “corporate tax reform III”. With the note “Buys a pig in a poke!” recommended a VIEW to maintain the competitiveness of our economy and to vote ‘Yes’. However, 59 percent of the voting citizens said no.

a Few months later, the “pension plans went 2020” bachab, a generation project that would have secured the future of the AHV, among other things, with a higher VAT and a retirement age of 65 for women.

By the rejection of the two proposals, none of the problems has been solved, it was, on the contrary, Because Switzerland would have to abolish the international tax privileges for international companies, it needs a new tax system, otherwise companies from Hiking their jobs. And because the pension scheme is not according to the old System continue to be financed, it is for future generations, the more expensive the longer we postpone Reform.

the Content of the two topics have nothing to do with each other. But because the Bourgeois necessarily want a tax reform, and the Left has not necessarily led to more money for the AHV, the Parliament both to a large majority of eligible template: the OASI tax deal from the 19th century. May. Businesses should be relieved of 2.1 billion Swiss francs. And the AHV will receive 2.1 billion Swiss francs.

the state politically this is of course a paradox: What is a voting citizen, if he is for the one and against the other – is it Yes or no votes? And where it leads, if politicians make a habit of, to mix ballot issues at will, in order to be able to command a majority? How about combined, for example, with a continuous six-lane A 1 (for the Civic), with a ban on the export of war material (for the Left)?

to Whom principles are sacred, and must reject such a submission.

But in life there are not only rules, but also realities. A: Switzerland is moving forward, neither the tax system nor in the pension scheme, because all the block with their proposals to each other.

both issues are urgent, makes it easier: With the current tax model is isolated, the Switzerland international. To not end up on black lists, we need to change it. The company, however, need finally legal certainty, otherwise you car in Switzerland, no new investments, or go to competing countries.

Because we are getting older and older and always longer entitled to a pension, not the pension schemes, business as usual: Either we pay more, work longer or have aged less.

The OASI tax deal brings in two files, a significant improvement. Who does not want to insist on principles, but the result of thinking, you will recognize why: A Yes is better than a no. If we have something against cats in the bag, should we swallow it now, just the toad.