Whether in the “Arena” in “10 vor 10”, or in the news of the Swiss television: The pension of the woman in the last days once again the dominant theme. Whether or not the new and quite refreshing front woman of the Juso or for many years, and with all the waters washed the President of the SP – argued stubbornly, they resist better to Know the wrong facts.

they claim that women received less AHV as the men – and, therefore, an adjustment of women’s retirement age to that of men was taboo.

I asked, my column of 26. May 2019 to refresh and to remember that the average annual old-age pension is higher for women than for men. In 2017, it amounted to 1865 francs; in the case of men, it was only in 1837 Swiss francs to the widow pensions, thank. And don’t get me wrong: I am not speaking of the sum, the woman and the man has obtained over the years. I speak of the AHV pension per month.

In the aforementioned column, I quoted Union President, Pierre-Yves Maillard, who don’t want the AHV will be renovated at the expense of the women. Sylvia Locher is the President of Pro Single Switzerland. You wrote to me and asked rhetorically: “On the hump which is the women?”

right you are. If a species is really at a disadvantage, solidarity must be without the solidarity of other benefit, then it is the woman who is alone. “If, then, on the hump of the unmarried women,” writes to me the Single-lobbyist, “because you did not get neither widows’ pensions nor any of the other Goodies, like unmarried men, too.” Your Words.

On Tuesday night, SP-President Christian Levrat on TV said that he wanted that women have made for decades is a hard Job, you need to solve the sanitation problem in the OASI alone.

What do you mean, alone? Recently, the Swiss people said Yes to the AHV-tax template, so that every year two billion flow into the AHV, the majority of which is financed with a percentage of Salary.

in Addition to the cost to the Federal Council as a compensation for the higher pension age and to cushion hardship cases, during nine years, 700 million francs. Obviously, the Federal Council wants to make with this doubt, measure the template to a majority. I’m afraid it’s the opposite.

I remember the 11. AHV-Revision. They also provided for the adjustment of women’s retirement age with a social cushion. The SP to top it all off was a little sweet. For the SVP, the cushion was a bitter pill, not want to swallow. So the submission was sunk in the fall of 2010 already in the Parliament, thanks to an unholy Alliance. We hope that this scenario repeatedly.