The administration trump is preparing to cut Huawei from imports of chips

senior officials included in the Cabinet in the administration of the trump, has prepared new measures to restrict the global supply of the chips of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies, reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the matter.

In accordance with the impending changes, foreign companies that use American equipment for the production of chips, will have to obtain a license before selling certain chips Huawei.

One of the sources said that the rule change is aimed at restricting the sale of complex chips Huawei, not the old, widely available semiconductor products for consumer electronics.

since most of the equipment for production of chips used worldwide, relies on American technology, the change will be the extension on export control, which, according to some experts, may not please the American allies.

European partners and officials so largely ignored the persistent demands of States which are trying by all means to prevent the largest Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment to participate in the deployment in the United States of 5G networks.

Disputes between Huawei and the various U.S. agencies do not cease to this day. The President of the United States Donald trump had previously signed a law that prohibits the use of Federal budget funds for the purchase of equipment from telecommunications companies, recognized as a threat to national security, such as Huawei Corporation.

officials from the administration of President Donald trump continue to encourage our European allies to stop doing business with Huawei in connection with allegations that the company is controlled by the Communist party of China, and therefore suspected of espionage. Huawei has always denied those charges.

Despite the fact that the trump is putting pressure on European Stwounds, so that they stopped to use the equipment Huawei Technologies Co., Chinese telecommunications giant has increased its presence in Europe, filing in the past year, more patents than any other company.

According to the report of the European patent office, Huawei filed patent application 3524. For comparison, the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. submitted 2 858 applications. Two-thirds of the applications were filed by Huawei in the field of digital communications, which included the technologies used for the construction and operation of mobile networks of the fifth generation, known as 5G.

it is Unclear whether the President would sign Donald trump change the rules. According to insiders, he has already spoken against the proposal last month.

the Decision was made, when us officials from various departments met and agreed on a mandrel to the Foreign Direct Product Rule — rules for the control of goods produced abroad, but contain commodities, technology or American origin.

Current rules apply to foreign products, where the share of technology American trade in monetary terms, reaches or exceeds 25%. In the developed amendments, presumably, we are talking about lowering the threshold to 10%. The new restrictions will allow the United States to completely cut off Huawei from imports of chips and semiconductor partners in other countries.

Recently the founder and CEO of Huawei is Ren Zhengfei in an interview with The Wall Street Journal suggested that the United States will continue to increase the pressure, and therefore, Huawei needs to develop a new technology before this happens.

however, Ren also noted that the full deamericanized will be impossible, as Huawei is a major customer of many American firms. Ren believes that due to the tearing of relationships that have developed as a result of globalization, the victims are on both sides.

Ren Zhengfei is confident that Huawei will be able to cope with the crisis. “Neither US sanctions nor the pandemic did not have to have a major impact,” said Jen . “We believe that the impact is minimal and we can overcome it”.