The administration trump asks local authorities to publish data on unemployment

the Administration of US President Donald trump has asked the state governments to refrain from publishing data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits prior to the publication of weekly national data, reported by the official of the Ministry of labour, reports The Wall Street Journal.

the Officer referred to an email from Gay Gilbert, administrator U.S. Department of labor.

the message sent when States across the country have begun to report the increased number of filings, pandemic influenza coronavirus, said that applications for unemployment closely tracked politicians and financial markets at a time of rapidly changing economic conditions.

According to government officials, in an email requested the States to keep the embargo on the publication of a number of applications until they are published figures of the Ministry of labour in the whole country.

the Number of Americans who first applied for unemployment benefits jumped last week in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, an increase of 70 thousand and $ 281 thousand, which is the fourth largest weekly increase in the history of observation since 1967.

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, observations at the state level show that the number of applications for unemployment benefits the following Thursday, may exceed 2 million, an unprecedented level.

“I’ve never seen anything like it”, — said the representative of the labour Department of the state, noting that on Thursday, the States decided to discuss the Directive from the Federal government.

According to officials, at least some States plan to continue to publish data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits until the publication of national data.

the representative of the Ministry of labor did not respond to a request for comment.

the administration’s Request came after reports The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets that Americans are more likely to benefit from btrebatice because the pandemic coronavirus closes businesses in areas such as leisure and hospitality.