last week, the office of immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) adopted a decision which caused a wave of litigation. The claim with the requirement to recognise illegal the decision of the first was filed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology, followed by state colleges in California, then the coalition of higher education institutions from 17 States, the newspaper the Hill.

In the us administration confirmed that it will abandon plans, the cancellation of visas to foreign students due to the large number of lawsuits filed by educational institutions against the government. Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology has demanded from the Federal court in Boston of a ban against the new policy of the White house. In their complaint alleged that the decision of the ICE, apparently, was intended to “to force universities to resume private lessons”, thereby increasing the risk of infection of the coronavirus, at the same time “destroying the lives of foreign students.”

the Total number of foreigners who study at American universities, more than a million people, and they usually pay for a full course of study, up to 45 thousand dollars a year, thereby greatly adding to the coffers of the universities in the United States.

Harvard was given to understand that University education in 2020 will be completely held online. For its part, the US President Donald trump, who is pushing schools to open in the fall, expressed the opinion that the plan of Harvard to pursue full-time employment is “absurd”.