Finance Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD), the federal department of Finance commissioned an additional delay is to provide for the payment of withholding taxes and value added tax for the month of april. That the share of the private office of the prime minister on Tuesday with them. Previously, there had already been delayed for march, which led to a liquidity buffer of € 4.5 billion for self-employed persons and companies.

“a lot of Belgian companies have been hit hard by the war against the corona virus. In march, we had already decided to have an extra suspension of payments, to provide for the payment of withholding tax and vat. In view of the stringent measures followed in april, I have decided to also include the additional delay is to provide, for the month of april,” said De Croo.

in practice, the terms of payment for value added tax and payroll tax by two months. Deferral of payment that is later paid as the tax authorities, interest and penalties for int. If the additional delay is not enough, companies with the federal department of Finance, the additional methods of payment to agree, such as an installment plan, and they can request not to have an interest to apply.

The final deadline for payment of the withholding taxes is the 15th of July. For vat purposes, that is, July 20.

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