The actors revealed the peculiarities of filming intimate scenes:

Natasha Merkulova: “the Human body is a map of our life”

explicit scenes that require an actor undressing in the frame, still remain a headache for the Director or it’s easier? You have to look for the artist a special approach, to convince?

— This still causes the actors questions, but to a lesser degree. On our recent Alexei Chupova the project “Call center” where it was necessary to simultaneously strip 12 people we spoke with actors — with each separately and all together, — how it will happen.

the contract specify this delicate moment?

— production company, producer sign a contract with the actor, which can be made a special item. In all our scenarios, but someone removed naked. Amazes me every time when people read the scenario after the sample suddenly bring a contract stating that they can not be removed naked. Yet it is written in the script. Can’t the characters take a shower, to lie in the bath or have sex dressed. Although you can, of course, but then it says that “your clothes”. Nobody is trying to confuse actors in the scenario. This is stupid. There is always everything is described in detail. At least we have.

— Galina Volchek has told, as Grigory Kozintsev, shooting “King Lear”, asked: “You’re not going to take her clothes off?” She said pluck, but it will cut. And then the camera took her top when she lay on the floor and played what happens between a man and a woman. Often on the court was only statement. Now how is this happening?

— of Course, minimize the maximum crew. Usually remain a Director and cameraman. And even when I try to leave, the actress saying, “Natasha, wait!”. Apparently, for them it is the support. The sound guys begging to permit at least one of them to stay on site and record sound or to slip a fishing rod, mount it in the wall that it is imperceptible, because naked people cannot hang the buttonhole with a microphone.

Here, perhaps, confidence is important?

— of Course! You can find out more about the scene, how it will look. With the girls I talk to just explain that we are not a porn shoot and not aim to show only the body. First of all, we take the human, dramatic actress. It was in this moment bare in whole or in part, does not matter at all. Just in this stage need it. In “Intimate places” it was crucial that men also undressed. Someone could not afford it even imagine, and started to offer: “No, let’s somehow different.” But in another way it was impossible, we started with this conversation with the actors. If this obstacle was insurmountable, we’ve broken up. We were looking for “their” people and found them. For example, Yuri Kolokolnikov was ready to fulfill all of our Lyosha madness. Of course, at this moment it’s very captivating and you fall in love with the actor.

— That is, men were more shy?

— In our series “Call center” of 12 people where equally girls and boys, only one actor and one actress began to undress totally. They beforehand had this clause in their contracts.

There is such a case doubles?

— There. We select people from the back are like actors. We can’t show them the front will be seen the face. Or remove that part of the body of the backup that we need. With alternates, many of them worked in a spicy scene in Soviet cinema, and Hollywood. Top off the face of the actress and the bottom — nelico understudy. But we with Alexey Chupova a slightly different approach. I don’t really like to work with doubles. They usually beautiful. They have great bodies, but they are not actors, but professional model, and it’s all visible in the frame. If I, for example, need a shy girl, but comes a very free alternate, then it will not play. There was one extreme case when I had to replace the actress on the stand. This makes me very upset. We had a long conversation with the actress. It was a difficult period in his personal life. In General, were not ready to undress. But all the other girls made it incredibly cool, and it was the best episodes of “Call center”. They were energy, real emotions, and it is not fake, because my body actress also tells the story. Even the best double, with all due respect, would not have done it.


— Women, young and not so embarrassed by the imperfections of the body or they’re just uncomfortable to be naked?

— In different ways. People first hesitate those who are near. I do not believe that there are ugly body. We in “Intimate places” starred a variety of people. In the “Call center” the actors are all very interesting individual — the real art objects.

At the Venice film festival showed a documentary film about women in the world, and in the final some of them even quite middle-aged, undress, and so it is beautifully and powerfully done!

— I also believe that the human body is beautiful at any period of life and at any age, regardless of body type or anything else. It’s a map of our life, the evidence of how we lived it. What is interesting with our body happened over the years! Why would it not? I don’t really see the obstacles.

Nigina Sayfullaeva: “We are all insecure”

— started filming erticheskih scenes do you consider your conversation to the actor? Maybe now things have become easier?

— For an actor, there are many difficult scenes in addition to exposure. Someone doesn’t want to die in the frame, someone to kill. Someone to interact with children or animals, be baptized, etc. a Lot turned out to be those that require a subtle and careful interaction with the actor. I think it’s important not to persuade or convince, and to decide together how best to tell a story. In General, it’s not something that could scare me when you start the movie.

the contract specify participation in explicit scenes? Maybe we should gradually bring the actor to what he should do, passing the preliminary agreement?

— Usually in a script all written. The actor reads it and understands what he has. Of course, we are discussing what is going to be removed, and come to a common solution that suits all. I absolutely do not want to undress, and it is necessary for the story, it is better to look for a replacement. Otherwise, all then will suffer and get ill. And no contract will help. It should be the desire and match with the material.

— it is Difficult to shake a man or a woman?

— I don’t Have much experience with naked men on the set, but while the right to rock never had. May be, carried with professionals, or actors accurately approached for the role initially was to agree with her. Some immediately refer to samples that are not ready to participate in explicit scenes, and, in General, honest. But in fact, very important discussion of the film’s themes and motives of the characters with the Director. Sometimes the position of the actor changes.

— People are uncomfortable with nudity or fears associated with imperfect body?

And then, and more. When it comes to the body, we are all insecure. There is a fear to look insecure and ugly, in some way appreciated on such a delicate issue. Have studlythe first body laid in religion, and in culture. It is not customary to walk around naked. Therefore, every public nudity is a choice area to work on accepting your body and beyond a real in the case of actor.

In Soviet times on the site are often left to the operator when he filmed explicit scenes, if they can be called such. How is it now?

— all certainly different. I, too, minimizing the number of people at least to imitate the real atmosphere and to give a chance to the actor to relax. But to get everyone to leave the area impossible. There is in addition the operator plenty of experts that is responsible for focus, sound, light and so on. About the playback too, please do not sit below the actor did not feel that all look at the door. When shooting astroklimaticheskih, climactic and emotional scene, also I ask everyone possible to step back, keep quiet, give more air to the actors.

— What absolutely can not?

— There is no legal restriction associated with pornography, but no others. It’s a matter of need and desire.

— Individual threshold beyond which it is impossible to enter there?

— It must not violate the principles of my everyday life. This ethical question.

How long are removed such scenes?

— Like any other. Filming different shots, different camera angles, doing doubles. Technologically, such a scene no different from any other, the only difference in having an intimate, emotional moment that the actor is Nude.

“private parts”.

It is now explicit scenes in the movie, no surprise, and in Soviet times, the work was dangerous and difficult. Film Director Georgy Natanson told “MK” and described in his book, how to shoot a bed scene in “once again about love”, released in 1967.

Then from the pavilion, at the request of the performer of the main roles of Tatyana Doronina was asked to leave all but the operator and his assistant, costume and make-up artist. “Tatiana got dressed behind a screen, lay in bed in the gown. The bed was dressed in shirt, pants and shoes Alexander Lazarev. I he said quietly, “get Down!” He asked Tatiana Vasilievna to move, lifted the quilt to lie down. I again whisper to him: “You did not take my pants off”. But he flatly refused to do it. “As so, — I said. — You’re on the street they go. Is it possible in a clean bed to sleep in pants. Tatyana a shirt”. But he insisted: “do Not remove, at least exclude from the picture”. It was clear that it is useless to argue, all this only takes Tatiana Vasilievna from the desired state. So Sasha and lay down in the pants, even the shoes have refused to remove. But the scene is still good.”

On the set of “Re-wedding” in Odessa, something similar happened with Andrei Mironov. George Natanson the idol of women across the country was struck by fear: “Imagine, Andrew was too shy to go to bed with an actress.”