The actor, who led a gang in Moscow, starred in

As it became known “MK”, the other day the staff of management “K” together with the Metropolitan police detained a gang of swindlers, led by a man of venerable age, a former actor cameo appearances cult films of 70-80 years of the last century. The organizer of the group starred in such films as “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” , “the Pokrovskie gate”.

the film Industry is not long attracted his interest, and in a short time he radically changed the scope of activities – from creative to criminal. It is worth noting that over the years the ex-actor had 4 times to appear before the court for crimes of varying severity.

According to sources, OPG consisted of 6 people – 5 men and 1 woman 30 years. The former actor was the brains of the gang, in particular, came up with all of the criminal scheme. Impersonating a lawyer, the girl played the role of housekeeper, her duties included the collection of documents.

according to a source, the criminal activities of organized crime groups are actively deployed in early 2019. At first, the gang members were embezzling estate of deceased citizens, who had no heirs. Some participants of criminal group by received documents on the property right and other then designed the confirmation of kinship with the deceased and the courts acquired the right to property and Bank account, posing as heirs. Last 3 months the gang leader has developed another scheme of illicit enrichment: having databases of subscribers of one of the mobile operators, they may have made improper re-issue SIM cards. Then as customers came into the Bank online application and appropriated in the accounts of money. Only one account associated with the phone number, through mobile banking was stolen about two million rubles. Criminals were active mainly in the North-East of the capital. The exact number of units and the amount of funds appropriated by speculators, is established.

the Investigative Department internal Affairs SVAO of GU MVD Rossii po g. Moscow opened a criminal case on the fact of fraudulent actions. 4 gang members in custody, two are under house arrest.

“currently under investigations aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the illegal activities,” – said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina the Wolf.

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