The actionist Pavlensky was detained pornographic scandal continues

the Infamous artist Peter Pavlensky was detained in Paris. The police searched for him for more than a month for “causing harm in a gang, dangerous way.” As reported by the French media, the reason for the detention was a fight in which participated Pavlensky’s eve 2020.

But the public is more concerned with the artist s involvement in the failure of the presidential candidate of the party of France Benjamin Hryvnia to participate in elections of the mayor of Paris. Pavlensky, who received political asylum in France, on his page on Facebook posted a link to the resource, which were lined with a very intimate video featuring, as he says Hryvnia. Say, wanted a way to expose the hypocrite, basing its election campaign on the promotion of family values. Now the site is blocked, but the kicker has promised to restore access to it.

Hryvnia could not resist the flow of mud and withdrew his candidacy. But French politicians, including competitors, supported him and called for respect of privacy. According to the interior Minister Christoph Costanera, for such actions, could face two years in prison and a substantial fine, according to RIA Novosti.