The acting Governor of the Jewish Autonomous region were stuck in the Elevator renovated hospital

the Acting Governor of Jewish Autonomous region Rostislav Goldstein while checking the newly renovated children’s hospital in Birobidzhan was stuck in the Elevator. The operation to rescue the officer and made him the head doctor were videotaped.

the Incident occurred the morning of March 17 in front of journalists covering the visit of the head of the region. Goldstein wished to go down to the basement, but on the way back was in limbo — launched two days ago, the Elevator stuck between floors. Called technician took about half an hour to get the official head doctor.

At the repair and construction of the hospital building, re-opened on March 4, spent a total of 216 million roubles. A lift, on the assurances of staff to the acting Governor, yet none of the children had used. The head of the region gave two weeks to the repair or replacement of the Elevator.