Allegations made in Russia about the alleged theft by Russian hackers of these developments on coronavirus are “typical coronaberis”. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the Senator Oleg Morozov.

Russia was accused of stealing developments on coronavirus

According to him, pandemic COVID-19 is another reason to “embed this information novelty in a Holy struggle against the "terrible" by Russia. It’s like a virus that is invisible, but about which all are aware — and Russian hackers. This theme is the modern information virus”, — the politician noted.

So the Senator responded to allegations that British universities and research institutions for the development of vaccines against coronavirus, have been subjected to hacker attacks. Previously reported by The Guardian, citing the national cyber security centre (NCSC). According to experts on cyber security, target attacks — theft of research related COVID-19, including the development of vaccines. The experts expressed the suspicion that the hacking attempts are Russia, Iran and China. While none of them were crowned with success, say in NCSC.

As of the evening of may 4 in the UK identified 191 831 case of infection with coronavirus, died 28 809 people. In Russia COVID-19 beginning of the epidemic became ill 145 268 people died 1 356 patients. Held 4 303 243 test for coronavirus.