however, due to the proposal to accelerate the construction of the road is almost two times the appreciation of the project are expected, said Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. “We found technical solutions to reduce the cost of construction. Trying to stay within the budget,” he said.

At the same time Khusnullin said that the construction of the highway is complicated by numerous crossings of the utilities – there are about 870 of these points. “What will all these transfers, we don’t know, but the found solution allows us to confidently say that it will be cheaper than we did before. So we really want 4 years to meet and build this track,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

transport Minister Eugene Dietrich noted that traditionally, the longer a project is constructed, the more expensive it becomes. It is therefore logical that if the construction of the highway in Western China will be accelerated – the main sections built in 2024, then it’s about the fact that this road will be cheaper, it is a fair, the Minister noted.

in addition, we are currently in active negotiations with potential investors in the construction of this road. “Such consortiums as formed times,” said Dietrich.