Abbey Hoes has decided to take her career as a singer, it’s not because of the coronacrisis to them. The actress was in the month of march is chosen to be the band’s debut single While I’m Here, and will be that is, they understand now that it wants to keep up.

While a number of international artists and their albumreleases quickly, will Cover it in this time, just the music and the world. “I see a lot of people who have something positive to say about this, writing that it was weird to feel such a thing is now to share with you. Because there is so much pain, misery, and sorrow, I understand that it’s a good idea to continue to do so,” she says.

“We have to understand the need to be, to dream, to talk about the things we want to do,” says Case. “In the past, in a time of war, there were no female singers, and entertainers to the troops will be sent. It provides a distraction and something to look forward to.”

the limited promotional opportunities for their new single, the marketing, the actress is not sure. Online, there are a lot of options, and I’ll do what I can.” At the suggestion of them While I’m Here, perhaps to live is to play is on Instagram, she responds enthusiastically. “That’s a great idea, thank you.”

the Case was as an actress in movies like falling in Love in Cuba and is deeply in Love, and won a Gouden Kalf award for her role in Nena. On television, she was seen in the Doctor Table, the Black Tulip, and the Tower, in which she also sang, and, once again, a Golden Calf award. Case explained recently, in the last touches to her debut album, with a mostly country and americana. The album will be available later this year.

While I’m Here will appear on the 27th of march.