The week’s shopping attention, more and more people, to put sustainable, regional and seasonal products in the cart. But almost every other meal we take now away. Most of the Restaurants to declare the origin of the meat. Where and how vegetables or milk products are produced, but usually remains anonymous. These eight organic Restaurants and Take-aways promise out of home-a sustainable Feast.

EHS Bar, whole of Switzerland

“Fresh from yesterday” is the concept of the EHS Bar. At over ten locations in Switzerland, you can buy in the EHS-Bar-shops bread and pastries from the day before, stayed at a number of partner bakeries left. In addition to bread there are Bircher muesli, tarts or Sandwiches. Small bun are from 50 cents, Sandwiches cost about 5 francs.

Kostgeberei, Luzern

The Kostgeberei is open to the public only at lunch, the menu changes on a daily basis. In his kitchen, Simon power, chef and head behind the Kostgeberei, only products from organic farming and regional production. A relationship of trust with its suppliers and short transport routes are especially important to him.

O Bolles, Berne

O Bolles is in the morning, a Café, lunch Restaurant, dinner, Bar and all-day district meeting and cultural center. The menus are honest and straightforward, the offer on a daily basis. The products are sourced as close to, each supplier is listed on the Website. Every two months, the Local introduces its walls a different artist. There are concerts in addition, on a regular basis.

Ängelibeck, various locations in Bern

For over 20 years, Kurt Sahli, owner and founder of Ängelibeck, fresh organic bake-bread in a wood stove. The products used are of Demeter quality. Eggs and wheat for the flour come from Uettligen, BE, a village only a few miles outside of Bern.

Not Guilty, Zürich

Warm or cold Bowls, with or without meat, Take away or to eat inside: Not Guilty offers at five locations in Zurich, light meals for every taste. The ingredients are fresh, the origin of each product group on the Website can be found. So, for example, that the cows graze in the Reuss valley, the bread in Baden is baked and also, why is there Not Guilty, no tuna Sandwiches.

Restaurant Café Zähringer, Zürich

For its homemade cakes, the Zähringer in Zurich city is known for. In the offer day, week and season menus, cooked from mainly organic, regional and seasonal ingredients. The kitchen of the restaurant is home cooking, the menu, however, so selected that both the flesh of the tiger as well as Vegis.

Vegelateria, Zürich

The Vegelateria is the first Gelateria Switzerland, the one-hundred-percent organic, vegan, and only naturally sweetened Ice cream. The over 20 varieties ranging from classic chocolate flavor over Mango to Apple cinnamon and can definitely take a conventional cream-Glace.

Lily’s Eatery, various locations in Zurich and Basel,

Fresh, varied, and Asian cuisine are available at Lily’s. Only ingredients Asian Specialty imports, the other products come from Switzerland. You ordered the food home, it is supplied in metal containers. These can be washed and the next time Lily’s visit is returned.

Café frühling in Basel

The careful handling of food is in the cafe of spring is especially important. The goal is to minimise the amount of throw away. Anyone who is not of the served Portion of saturated, receives a reference, also Take-away is possible. The coffee comes from the in-house roastery. Eggs, vegetables and milk come from organic farms from the Region.