The UNESCO has declared the city of St. Petersburg, with its 2300 magnificent buildings to the world cultural heritage. In the middle of the former winter Palace of the tsars, the Hermitage Museum, which houses one of the most important art collections in the world. And the one who comes during the White nights to St. Petersburg, experienced this city in a joyful state of emergency. Until the beginning of July, the sun is not quite, so that the city lights in a special light. Here is our 8 Highlights in St. Petersburg.

1. Excursion to the amber room

The Catherine Palace was the Rococo residence of the Russian tsars. It is located about 25 kilometers Southeast of St. Petersburg and has a beautiful Park. The residential complex was designed in 1717 and rebuilt several times and expanded. In 1756, the 325-Meter-long Palace to the Empress Elisabeth has been redesigned, finally, in the Rococo style. Known the manor house is for the amber room, which was lost in the turmoil of the Second world war built. Time duration: 3 to 4 hours

2. Restaurant Baku and Tsar

A Restaurant, that’s not in every Guide, and a great Alternative to the hearty Russian cuisine, is the Baku. There, chefs from the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, Caucasus, and Azerbaijan’s specialties to prepare. The menu is long. A reservation is worth it because the wonderful ambience and is very popular. Those who wish to but prefer local dishes in the Restaurant Tsar correctly. The atmosphere of St. Petersburg from the beginning of the last century is even noticeable. Time duration: 1 to 2 hours

3. Winter Palace and Hermitage

On the South Bank of the river Neva is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg: the winter Palace of the Tsar family. He is a part of the building complex “Hermitage”, one of the largest museums in the world – about 60 000 works of art in over 350 halls. Note: The Hermitage is so vast, that one day is hardly sufficient to see all the works of art. In front of the gates of the Hermitage, the Palace square with the 500-ton Alexander column. Duration: full day;

4. Boulevard, Nevsky Prospekt

The road in the centre of St. Petersburg is unique: The Nevsky Prospekt, not only tells the story of the splendor of the nobility in the 19th century. Century, but also of the hopes of the bourgeoisie to a liberal Russia of the turn of the century. The promenade is an ideal starting point for any tour of the city. Here are the most attractions such as the great St.-Petri-Church, or in 1785, and the resulting building of the Department store Gostiny Dvor. Duration: full day

5. The most expensive eggs in the world

A cultural Highlight is the world’s largest collection of art of the jeweller Carl Fabergé. The firm of Fabergé was founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg, and was the official supplier to the Russian Imperial court from 1885 until the Revolution of 1917. In addition to the Russian Tsar, the Queen of England and the Royal family of Siam (now Thailand) were the customers. The multi-million-dollar Fabergé Easter eggs are one of the best goldsmith of the century turning. Time duration: 2 to 3 hours;

6. History of the vodka

it is Russia without vodka? Unthinkable. Since 2008, in the historic center of St. Petersburg, close to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and even a Museum dedicated to the national drink. Of the origin, finishing up the vodka ban is here, tells the story of the brew. Clear: At the end of the tour, guests are invited to a tasting, and the one who is hungry, you can sit out in the in-house Restaurant. Time duration: from 1 to 1. Hours;

7. Cultural district New Holland

The artificially created island in the heart of St. Petersburg, and served for military purposes. Nestled between the Moika river and the Kryukov and Admiralty canal in the westernmost part of the city centre, is a New Holland today as a Park open to the Public and houses numerous cafes. Here guests can lie in the summer on the lawn, what is elsewhere is strictly prohibited. To March, visitors can walk for the first time on the 2000-square-meter ice rink ice Skate. Time duration: 1 to 3 hours

8. Ballet-the temple of the Mariinsky theatre

St. Petersburg, Russian ballet capital. How about Tchaikovsky’s romantic ballet “The Nutcracker” at the world-famous Mariinsky theatre, where the soprano Anna Netrebko began her career? A style full of statements full of Russian soul. Time duration: 2 to 3 hours;

you need to know about St. Petersburg: facts and data of history of St. Petersburg

The construction of St. Petersburg was a major effort, carried out on the backs of tens of thousands of forced labourers: On 16. May 1703 founded by Tsar Peter the Great, the city in the swampy Delta of the river Neva. The site was totally unsuitable, but according to the will of the Tsar, the, today, probably the most beautiful city in Russia was built here. Critics predicted the new capital of a soon-to-be. This can be until today.

In the case of the 871-day siege by the German Wehrmacht in the Second world war a Million people died; they were cut off from the supply. However, because the city was not stormed, the building healing. Today, St. Petersburg is not the capital of Russia, but his intellectual and cultural center.

Tsar Peter forced his Kingdom to a Western life style. And sometimes you would think in this Five-million-metropolis in the far North, you walk through Paris – if not for the onion towers of the Russian Orthodox Church and the street signs were in Cyrillic.

UNESCO world heritage

The Unesco has the city centre with its 2300 (!) Magnificent buildings to the world cultural heritage explains. In the middle of the former winter Palace of the tsars, the Hermitage Museum, which houses one of the most important art collections in the world. If you want to take a look at Michelangelo, van Gogh and co.: The magnificent castle alone is worth the visit.

excursions in St. Petersburg Pushkin-Palace: Outside of the city area, the Palace of Pushkin. Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great and Catherine I, was build in front of the gates of the city their summer residence. The Catherine Palace, named after her mother, is an excellent example of Russian Baroque. An absolute magnet for the public, the reconstructed amber room. the Peterhof : The summer residence of Peter the Great is also referred to as the Versailles of the North. The castle may not match completely with the model in the case of Paris, the gardens and the water features do it all. Countless fountains and fountains are spread all over the garden. Tip: it’s Nice to arrive by boat from the Hermitage Museum in the city centre. Nightlife of the city

The St. Petersburg nights are wild. Do not be surprised: Striptease is part of it, even in ordinary Bars.

The largest Club in the city attracts students, tourists, and the St. Petersburg Bohemia. Three levels of everything is played, what can we do with dance. Half-naked dancers delight the female audience. Address: Ligowski Prospekt 174

In the small concert hall, founded by world-renowned Jazz musician David Goloschokin, first-class concerts.Address: Zagorodnyi Prospekt 27

shopping St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is extraordinarily expensive. Popular Souvenirs Russian crafts, art, vodka, or caviar. Caution: Not everywhere, where the Beluga is also the Beluga!

For over 200 years, to be offered for sale in Gostini Dvor. Each of the two floors has a length of one kilometre. Address: Nevsky Prospekt 35

In the art Nouveau building of the sewing machine firm Singer, the largest book store in the city. He also leads the foreign books. Address: Nevsky Prospekt: 28

So you can come to St. Petersburg

The Swiss has a daily flight from Switzerland to St. Petersburg.

For the entry visa is not necessary. For German Swiss, the competent Embassy in Bern, in Western Switzerland, in Geneva. Apply in good time! For the football world Cup stay is ten days prior to the start of, and up to ten days after the end of the FWM visa is possible, provided you have a valid passport and a FAN ID. the money
The currency is the ruble. the trip time
St. Petersburg is a year-round destination. Each Season has its own charm – the bitter cold of Winter, when the ice floes pile up in the Neva river, as well as the bright nights in the summer. In June/July it will be at night, barely dark. the font
The Russian script is Cyrillic. This is to learn as far as easy to that, you can read billboards street signs and note. This makes it easier to Orientieung. Overnight stay in St. Petersburg

: Taleon Imperial Hotel
price:, 250 francs
address: Nevsky prospect 15

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: Yards of Capella
price: 60 Swiss francs
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Soul Kitchen Hostel
St. Petersburg International Hostel
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