Nikki de Jager/Nikita Dragoons

Recently, the famous beauty blogger Nikki de Jager made coming out as a transgender man. She told her story and got a lot of support from colleagues on the platform. Nikki is not the only expert makeup transsubjective. Nikita Dragoons, Julie Wu, Angela Vanity and other bloggers started with a few followers, and now widely known throughout the world.

Nikita of Dragoons, 24 (Nikita Dragun)

this native of Belgium almost three million subscribers on YouTube. She is one of the most well-known beauty bloggers. In 2015, Nikita has recorded an emotional video titled “I am transgender”, in which he told about his life. She thanked the fans for their support and said that beginning with hormone therapy, and then did a surgical reconfiguration of the genitalia (before the star was the name Nikolos). Since then, the Dragoons continued to speak openly, that she had to undergo.

In an interview with the blogger was told that at eight years old she watched a documentary about transgender people and then began to save money for a subsequent operation.

In 2015, she was appointed the official face of Maybelline New York and stands for diversity in all respects.

Dear Victoria’s Secret, you said that transgender women can’t sell the dream, so here I am — a transgender woman selling the dream. I urge someone to hate, I just want to prove that any woman, TRANS or cisgender, is a dream. Be your own angel! — was its appeal to the representatives of the lingerie brand.

In March last year, the blogger has launched his own line of cosmetics Dragun Beauty, and also opened the eponymous beauty.

Nicky de Jager, 26 years

Nikki de Jager, which leads the channel NikkieTutorials on YouTube, said that from early childhood felt that I was born in the wrong body. In six years she had long hair and wore exclusively dresses and skirts. With the support of loved ones, Nikki began transgender transition. She began taking hormones at age 14 and by age 19, the blogger made up the transgender transition.

Despite the support of mother, family and teachers, she still was still struggling with misunderstanding and hate. Therefore, Nikki decided to tell my story publicly.

she Now has over 14 million followers on instagram and more than a billion views on YouTube. She collaborates regularly with the stars: Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, drew Barrymore, Doutzen Croesus and many others.

Nikki de Jager before surgery

Gigi Gorgeous 28 years old (Gigi Gorgeous)

In 2012, the mother of Gregory (the real name of the blogger) died of leukemia, and then a blogger, who felt uncomfortable in a male body, decided on something that has long dreamed of. And then there was IPL, hormone therapy, removal of Adam’s Apple, change face, breast enlargement and reduction nose. A year later, she completed a transgender transition and refused from the name Gregory, which she was given at birth. Now she wanted me to call myself Giselle (or Gigi) Lauren Lazzarato.

In 2017, the blogger with the nickname Gigi Gorgeous published on YouTube a documentary called “It’s all: Gigi Gorgeous”. So 2.8 million followers learned the details of her transgender transition: Gigi told how it was difficult emotionally and physically.

the Film, which tells the story of a boy, preparing for the Olympics, who then made a transgender transition, made the audience a lasting impression.

Since then, the number of her fans on instagram has increased to two million. Blogger records the videos are not only about makeup but also about relationships, fashion, health and much more.

last year, Gigi Gorgeous has tied the knot with NATs Getty (Natalie Williams), the heir of a billionaire. She is the granddaughter of sir John Paul Getty, founder of Getty Oil.

Julie Wu, 25 years old (Julie Vu)

Julie Wu, better known as “Princess Jools”, openly spoke about her transgender transition, when just started my YouTube channel. It was about 10 years ago, since then the girl gained more than 500,000 subscribers.

Wu shares her story in many workshops, she also was a member of the show Dr. drew and is one of the first transgender people, who documented his whole transformation in social networks. Along with the beauty lessons Julie puts in a blog, delicious recipes, talks about mental health and sex.

Elena Uneven, 21 (Elena Genevinne)

Fans of the blogger I admire her long blonde hair, glamorous makeup and creative nail design. On her YouTube channel Elena publishes advice on packing, shows how a couple of minutes to apply false lashes and draw a perfect cat’s hands.

Blogger in the same way as the other characters in our material, described his experience with hormone therapy and in 2017, told the fans how much timethe time it took her to a transgender transition.

Eden Estrada, 21, (Eden the Doll)

Eden Estrada from Los Angeles told me that at birth she had male biological gender, and throughout her life, she felt in her body. In 20 years, the model decided on surgical reconfiguration of the genitalia.
My modeling career started before I became a girl: I shot for Vogue when I was 16 years old. But I could do this professionally, because I didn’t feel that my body until the end of mine, I was like a stranger to herself. I dreamed about the surgery, because my soul has long been changed, but to live in harmony with each other, I had the body of a woman says the blogger.

the Parent model, members of the religious organization “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, was shocked by the decision of the son. Now close the blogger happy and say they really like the looks of Eden.

Estrada publishes video tutorials on hair styling rollers with the participation of her friends and family members who do her makeup as well as reflections on important topics.

Angela Vanity, 23 (Angela Vanity)

In 2016 Angela Vanity (her real name is Dorian Garcia), has organized the session “question — answer” on YouTube. There’s also the star network out of Miami for the first time told about the relationship, transgender transition and all that was in her life (even about the suicide attempt).

Since then, she has gained more than 100,000 followers on instagram and millions of views on his YouTube channel. There, the blogger publishes video about hair extensions, shares her thoughts on injectables and injection and also teaches followers to do make-up.

Angela Vanity before surgery