1. Fondue Fähri

The St. Alban-ferry – “Wilde Maa” by Martin Reidiger is back for a Fondue chat in the middle of the Rhine river of Europe. The food of the Fähri-Maa prepares fresh.

price: CHF 25.- per Person (excl. Drinks and rent, only Fondue)

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2. Fondue Tram

In Zurich, you go in a vintage Tram through the city. After a while you can see, although barely, through the heat-fogged window, the mood is more relaxed. The Tram is to to the 14. March on-the-go.

price: 96,60 Fr. per Person (incl. Mulled wine, a Starter, Fondue, Dessert and coffee).

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3. Fondue Carriage

journeys in the heated Fondue Carriage offers Restraurant Pfisternt in Lucerne. Is started at the Pfistern-Weihnachtsbar with mulled wine and Chestnuts. Afterwards, a leisurely drive takes place through the city of Lucerne. After the return, you will be spoiled in the Carriage with a fine Dessert.

price: CHF 79.– per Person incl. Coach travel and culinary offerings

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4. Fondue-ship

Until the end of February, there are on the MS Europa every Friday evening Fondue à discretion against the backdrop of the nocturnal lake Lucerne. The ship leaves the port in Lucerne, in each case to 19.12 PM and at around 21.47 watch gleichenorts.

price: 39 Fr. per Person (Fondue or Raclette) + travel price.

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5. Fondue gondola

in January, increases in Grächen VS the Fondue gondola up to the Hannigalp.

price: 48 Fr. per Person (children from 6 to 16 years 28 Fr pay.). Including white wine, mineral water and a typical Valais are Dessert.

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6. Fondue-train

In the Gruyere cheese country, between Bulle and Montbovon on the wrong side of the Fondue train. With a view on the magnificent landscapes of the traditional Moitié is-Moitié enjoy. For Dessert there in style Meringue with double cream.

price: 53,90 Fr. (Children up to twelve years pay 23,90 Fr.).

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7. Fondue rickshaw

In Bern is served by Swiss national dish during a city tour of the Asian rickshaw. The Fondue is the Restaurant Lötschberg prepares. There is also a bottle of white wine or cherry brandy.

price: 190 Fr. (for two people).

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