the 1. Appenzeller whisky trek

Did you know that there are a bunch of fine Swiss whisky? On the Appenzeller whisky trek you can get to know the wines wonderful. Each mountain along the way, has stored his very own Whisky, and gives the Whisky-hikers. In the deal both with a group of 8 and for a particularly hard-Drinking and even a Tour with 9 whiskey Stops. Well then: Cheers!

2. Trubschachen: Kambly-experience world

Kambly, perhaps the most tender pastry, Switzerland. Just the thought of the fine butter biscuits, some Süsszahn let the water run together in the mouth. However, the Kambly biscuits don’t taste a whole level better, if you buy just the wholesale distributor, but in Trubschachen on the place of their production to the wine rack. In the Kambly experience the world of s as well as a pastry, a multimedia-capable Show, and the Kambly Café to taste, of course, all sorts of new varieties and old classics. Even your own Kambly-E-E-Bike-Tour on the program.

3. Rigi: Fondue-ride on the Rigi

The ride on the oldest electric gear car in the world (built in 1911) is quite an experience. In the moonlight you drive up the steep slope at 1800 meters above sea level. During the journey, the Rigi-hostesses serve you a drinks reception and then the original Rigi-Fondue. A traditional delight in beautiful mountain landscapes. Dessert completed the Experience of fine coffee and a Surprise.

4. Meiringen: Mmmmmmeringues

it is Believed the proud Meiringern, then the sweet ice snow pastries owe their name to the Bernese community. In Meiringen, the legendary sugar bakery Gasparini is said to have been invented around the year 1600, the Meringues. If that’s true, no one knows. But is does not matter. The main thing is: The frothy calorie bombs taste even four hundred years after its “invention” is still delicious. And, thanks to the initiatives of tourism operators in the hasli valley you may try – on appointment – even as the Meringues-master.www.the hasli

5. Leukerbad: the best Restaurant in Switzerland

the tens of thousands of feedback from its users looked through and recently, a ranking list with the best Restaurants in the country, The Travel platform Tripadvisor. Highest in the favor of the Tripadvisor user – tataaaa – the Restaurant Waldhaus Leukerbad. The pretty Chalet offers fine cuisine and with a lot of helvetischem charm. In the high season, concerts in addition to culinary delights, also Live on the program. And if you want to order after eating a fine “night cap”, has the agony of choice. In the snap-on Cabinet of the house of the forest of more than 70 Grappa varieties.

6. Ermatingen: lake Constance fisheries Ermatingen

almost no one knows the lake better than a professional fisherman Rolf Meier. For 20 years, he chugs in the Morning for Tomorrow at four o’clock with his little fishing boat across the border sea to Germany. On Board he has next to his mid-morning snack only to his fishing nets – and sometimes a few guests. Anyone who wants to learn something about fishing, which is here exactly in the right place. And also who can start with the fishing not so much, not to forget the magical Moment so soon, when the sun rises slowly on the horizon and the early morning lake Sparkle. The Best but that comes afterwards: In the Restaurant in Ermatingen Rolf Meier’s fish can be prepared Seegarten to fine dishes. A culinary dream.

7. Windisch: curve Windisch

Have you ever eaten a argovian water Buffalo? Or a Fusion menu tried local variations of Vegetables and Oriental seasoning? The Restaurant curve in Windisch is one of the most original pickling Switzerland. View the the Local from the outside not necessarily. The “curve” looks like a dog commune local eatery. Whoever enters first, and one of the old wooden chairs will only be seduced by the scents from the kitchen. The menus change seasonally, the wines are mostly from the Region, and the portions generous. And the walk to the castle then down to the middle of water, an acoustically exhilarating experience.