whether in the woods, on the Alp or on the lake: Switzerland has countless beautiful places to barbecue, and fire. Six places, which makes it particularly Fun.

1. Climbing & providing barbecue in Graubünden

In the climbing garden in Bivio, GR is fired up at the foot of the climbing wall after extensive Gekraxel cozy and fed. The beautiful town is situated in the middle of the largest nature parks in Switzerland, the Parc Ela, and the only Italy is vagina-speaking community North of the Alps the water. To Non-climbers plenty of Hiking and theme trails.

2. Small and fine on the Arnisee

Hardly anyone knows him, hardly anyone lost to him: The Village, above Gutnellen, is a real insider tip, be barbecue with everything you need, equipped and idyllically situated. To foot or with the cable car, it goes to 1368 metres – with views of the Urner mountains. Those who wish can also stay: Two restaurants are on the blue-green shimmering lake, offering hikers a perfect starting point for tours through the Reuss valley.

3. Oeschinen lake: For the fishermen and families

Always a journey and a fresh and value: is a trip to the oeschinen lake above Kandersteg is a Fun for the whole family. Hiking, rowing, summer tobogganing – here everything is offered. Real adventurers can even) the Grill-trout-self-fishing (days patents are available in the Restaurant on the lake.

4. The lake of Murten: have fun with that good

Between 1916 and 1917 the caves above Môtier in the case of Mont-Vully to the defense of the country during the 1 were. World war ge-dig. Today, they are an adventure Playground for children and a welcome backdrop for a shady barbecue area with views of the lake. Ideal for families and small explorers. Necessarily, flashlights for the caves-explore the ride.

5. BBQ fun on the Türlersee

Close to the city and yet a real experience of nature: the Türlersee (about 30 minutes from Zurich) offers fireplaces, glass-clear waters and pure relaxation. To its origin, several legends have grown up. What we know for sure: Today, he is a real nature jewel. About 20 orchids as well as gentian species thrive on the banks of the around 10 000 years old lake.

6. Royal views on the ridge trail

Queen Rigi never disappoints: right on the ridge trail between the lookout point Känzeli and the Station staffelhöhe one of the most beautiful fire of Switzerland (about 30 minutes walk from Rigi Kaltbad) – with a breathtaking Panorama view on the Urner, Nidwaldener and the Bernese Alps.

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