When the sun is shining and everybody is complaining about the heat, because you don’t like is in the forthcoming Winter think. Unfortunately, the Transition from the warm to the colder temperatures makes us to create and the risk to catch a cold right in the transition time, rising to 80 percent. This is exactly why it is necessary to prepare for the cold. Here you will find tips on how you can strengthen in the summer your immune system.

1. More sports

sports not only keeps you fit, but also healthy. It reduces the negative impact of stress hormones that make us susceptible to colds and flu viruses. When we are active, then the helps in Dissolving the stress hormones, instead these accumulate and cause a Chaos in the immune system.

in Addition, can stop strong respiration, during the Sports of bacteria from the lung, and so the risk to become ill is minimized. In addition, the white blood cells circulate in the Train to be stronger, therefore detect infections faster and you can fight.

sports in the heat for Trained no Problem. Your body adapts to. Who is unsportsmanlike, it is rather careful.

2. Better

sleeping in summer a Lot of sleep helps your body to pathogens to fend off. Adequate sleep gives the body the opportunity to repair the cells and gives him more energy. Too little sleep puts the body in a state of vulnerability. The regular lack of sleep also reduces the number of ‘natural killer cells’. This fight invaders such as bacteria and viruses. This surprises those of us sure a little to capture quickly a cold or other diseases if they are exhausted – usually after weeks of insufficient sleep.

showers: Go in front of the Sleep even in the shower. The water should not be regulated to cold, but rather cooler. You Wake up in the night and can’t fall asleep, can also help a cool shower. the sleep Naked: clothing makes it difficult for the body to regulate its core temperature in a natural way. Therefore, in the underwear and with a blanket overnight. the Cold compresses to the calf: In the back of the neck, one should not put cold envelopes, since inflammation is a risk. On the calf it can be good for a while though. There’s a nerve can ignite technically only a little. the fan or air-conditioning: , A fan can certainly help. Make sure, however, that it blows directly on you, but away from them. A air-conditioning is climatically and energetically rather unfortunate, but it can cool the room temperature is fundamental in General down, which can make it easier to Sleep. Because of the noise of an air conditioner can be rather disadvantageous. the water on the bed to rest: remember to make the evening a glass of water beside your bed before you lie down to rest. Basically, you should drink two to three liters of water on such hot days. the water beds: A special tip from the experts: In the case of water beds, the temperature can be individually adjusted. So you can lay down for the evening in a chilled bed. the wet towels: to Hang in the bedroom, wet towels – this may well have a cooling effect, and without major side effects.

3. On a balanced diet

It is, of course, that a well-balanced diet plays a large role in staying healthy. The immune system needs nutrients for all of its tasks, including the renewal and Repair of cells, as well as the prevention of infections and diseases. Therefore, the strength of the immune system of the quality of the food. No single food contains all the essential nutrients that the body needs. But any lack of nutrients can be frequent and persistent cause diseases. For this reason, a well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, is essential. (CM)

Who will be under – or Over-weight wants to be, needs to ensure that his brain remembered the original normal weight. Stephan J. Guyenet explains to you with 8 tips on how to do it.

We know that Vitamin D is important. This is formed by irradiation of the sun on the skin. However, from October to March, the sun in our latitudes is too weak. Many diseases, from common cold to cancer associated with a deficiency of Vitamin D. It is supplied in the summer, about half of the population with Vitamin D – even if it is 30 nanograms per Milliliter considered the blood as a sufficient.


read more Not all the heat equally well tolerated: While some sizzle in the sun, others seek the protection of air conditioned rooms. But also cooled down offices and living spaces can have its pitfalls. While the Winter flu is still by far the high-season, however, it may mean other viruses, even in the summer a bad one.


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