The 2020 Olympics are not going to either cancel, or transfer

the Olympics in 2020 is not going to cancel or transfer the 2020 summer Olympics is not going to cancel or transfer
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the international Olympic Committee (IOC) published the official statement about information in the media about a possible postponement or cancellation of the summer Olympic games 2020 in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus.

the Organizers assured that the competition will be held in Tokyo just in time, urging athletes to continue training for the Olympic games.

“the Executive Committee of the IOC has full confidence that the Olympic games will be successfully held in the period from 24 July to 9 August 2020. IOC highly appreciates and supports the measures, which are an important part of the plans to hold a safe Games. The IOC encourages athletes to continue training for the Olympic games in Tokyo,” reads the statement.

President Bach: “The IOC remains fully committed to the success of the Olympic Games #Tokyo2020. I encourage all athletes to prepare for the Games with ‘full steam’. “@Tokyo2020

— IOC MEDIA (@iocmedia) March 3, 2020

it is Noted that in mid-February set up a joint working group with the participation of the IOC, the organizing Committee Tokyo 2020, the Japanese government and the world health organization (who). All stakeholders continue to cooperate closely in addressing the problems associated with the coronavirus.