12. Lamborghini Urus

The 650-HP Sport-SUV Lamborghini Urus came onto the market last year and is one of the most popular HP-monsters of Switzerland. In 237’500 Swiss francs and 48 copies sold, the Italians did with the Urus 11.4 million Swiss francs of sales. For that Dacia would have to sell 1425 Sandero at an introductory price of 8000 francs.

11. Ferrari Portofino

Portofino is the first Ferrari comes with the 600 HP strong Roadster. 52 copies sold and a minimum price of 226’575 CHF was almost 11.8 million Swiss francs went to Maranello (I). This corresponds to 1472 Dacia Sandero.

10. BMW i8

With only one model sold, the more of the futuristic Plug-opened-in-Hybrid sports car i8 from BMW with 375 HP system performance of the Top Ten. The 53 carbon flounder from 159’900 Swiss francs, which came to be the BMW almost 8.5 million francs. In the case of Dacia is the equivalent of 1059 Sandero.

9. McLaren 720S

For the Swiss roads there 57 times 720 HP in the Form of aerodynamics trimmed McLaren 720S. With prices starting from 280’540 francs to the English low-flying aircraft and knocked nearly 16 million Swiss francs in the McLaren-Fund, for which there is in 1999, Dacia Sandero.

8. Aston Martin DB11 and Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

8 of up to 608 HP strong Aston Martin DB11 and up to 690 HP strong Ferrari GTC4 Lusso with the 66 models sold. During the at least 196’900 Swiss francs, expensive DB11 “only” 13 million Swiss francs in the Aston-Martin-flushed cash, the Ferrari four-seater (from 267’162 Fr.) already 17.6 million Swiss francs. For the 66 models are there in Ferrari so 2204 and DB11 1624 Sandero.

7. Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini with the Huracan a proper sports car in the dirty dozen. The 610-horsepower Huracan sold with prices starting at 254’000 Swiss francs 71 Times in Switzerland. For the 18 million Swiss francs played Dacia would sell the 2254 Sandero.

6. Ferrari 812 Superfast

The next Ferrari ushers in the second half of the twelve most popular noble sports cars Switzerland. 81 people opted for the 800-HP and 342’710 francs expensive 812 Superfast, which is the Italian brand with a long tradition made 27.8 million Swiss francs of sales. With 3479 Sandero, the more than Dacia 2018 3169 piece effectively sold.

5. Bentley Continental GT

Brexit or not, the Swiss want to British cars. The 635-HP Bentley Continental GT took place last year, 119 of the First owner. Thus, the 218’070 CHF expensive luxury athletes played almost 26 million francs. Which corresponds to a value of 3244 Dacia Sandero.

4. Jaguar F-Type

With 126 copies sold, is another Brit somewhat more popular: Jaguar up to 575 HP F-Type. With an initial price of 68 000 francs he is the cheapest of the dirty dozen. With the most powerful V8 at least 162’500 Swiss francs is charged. So the F-Type was between 8.6 million and 20.4 million Swiss francs, or 1071 to 2559 Dacia Sandero.

3. Ferrari 488

With four models in the dirty dozen makes Ferrari a third of the twelve most popular noble sports cars Switzerland. The 670-HP 488 with 140 copies sold, even the place on the podium and played from 249’817 Swiss francs, a total of almost 35 million Swiss francs. This corresponds to 4372 Dacia Sandero.

2. Mercedes-AMG GT

With almost 100 cars sold, a distance of up to 585 HP Mercedes-AMG GT rides on the second place. 234 piece of at least 155’600 Swiss francs expensive sports coupes came in 2018, on our streets, and played a minimum of 36.4 million Swiss francs. For that Dacia would have to sell 4551 Sandero.

1. Porsche 911

To the top of the best-selling sports car in Switzerland is with a clear distance of up to 700 HP strong Porsche 911. The icon was sold 1081 times and creates it even in the Top 100 of the best-selling vehicles in Switzerland (No. 96). At best, the start of spring, the end of the new penalty can be advanced this year. The previous prices ranged from 118’000 to 370’900 Swiss francs. Porsche would have sold only the entry-level version, would have made the Germans a turnover of 127 million Swiss francs – but we don’t know that the Swiss are cars stingy. In any case, the 15’944 Sandero were sold, five times more than the Dacia last year effectively.

And the Dacia Sandero. Let’s be honest: this Is a 75-horsepower car on our streets is actually 46 times less value than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS?