chunks of houses (Boulder-room) there are in Switzerland for about 125 years. The Name refers to Jesus ‘ saying at the feeding of the 5000: “gather up the fragments so that nothing will perish.” Since the Retro furniture is hip, from browse today, many professional traders the Brocken houses. Private buyers need to be clever to get a Design classic at a bargain price.

second – trove for Style

His favorite is complete with visiting so regularly, and on weekdays, where you can intercept most likely, a freshly delivered find. The Fan is not hunting anyway by name. He’s looking for pieces with character. So you should go never with fixed ideas on a second Tour, but be open to New ideas.

The 12 most beautiful Brocken houses in Switzerland Brockitare in Aargau: Central street 21, 5623 Boswil ( second on the Wolf, Basel: On the Wolf 30, 4052 Basel (complete with bärner is complete in Bern: Pappelweg 24, 3013 Bern ( Rägeboge Broki in Burgdorf: Kirchberg Strasse 96, 3400 Burgdorf ( chunks of tube Toni in Vermont: , Switzerland is home, 8750 Glarus (chunks of Brockenhaus Flawil, St. Gallen: Waldau 1, 9230 Flawil, Switzerland, (complete with Large-complete with in-book: re-Strasse 50, 9470 Buchs (complete with Brockehuus when Ökihof in train: Äussere Güterstrasse 10, 6300 Zug second-Land AG in Fahrweid, Zurich: over the country road, 8951 Fahrweid (second Emmaus Abbé Pierre in dübendorf: ring road 17 meadows, 8600 Dübendorf ( salvation army second in Zurich: Gerold road 29, 8005 Zürich Zürcher Brockenhaus in Zurich: Neugasse 11, 8005 Zurich ( tips for Schnäppchenjagt in the Brocken house, upholstered furniture and textiles before buying a taster test: Musty odors to get rid of only with difficulty.Even if it is Kitsch: images or photos colorful on top of each other an original total work of art, the result hung together; from on the ground stacked image volumes a table is.Scratches and signs of wear give charm. But stay away from the really damaged pieces. A broken hinge can’t be easily torn upholstery and replace, however.Inspirations for the perfect Mix of complete furnishings and modern elements, get it online and in book form.

The Boho style embodies the Bohemian lifestyle that stands for individuality and creativity. Boho has been around for some time in the Trend and it will continue to. To set up your home like a Hippie.

furniture with visible signs of use are the hallmarks of the Shabby Chic style of furnishing. The Trend fits in with the style and charm to a sustainable Lifestyle.

At the Wochnende we stroll through Flohmis and shop unique Vintage parts. The the most beautiful Swiss flea markets.