bridges connect not only places but also people. Behind some of the buildings, a century-old history, many workers have toiled at it. The result fascinates visitors from everywhere and help residents to reach their loved ones faster. Long boards wheels on cobbled or paved floors. You need to Deplete, would be unimaginable. They defy Wind and weather, and seem made to last. The following eleven buildings are one of the most beautiful bridges from our world.

1. Landwasser viaduct, Filisur GR

A magical journey through the impressive mountain landscape of the Grisons: the Rhaetian railway is possible. She drives, among other things, via the landwasser viaduct, near the train station Filisur. This impressive bridge is 65 metres high and 136 metres long. In the year, around 22’000 trains per day travelling about it – every day, around 60. It is considered to be a landmark and is a popular destination for tourists, also for Mr and Mrs Swiss.

2. Tower Bridge, London

One of the many London landmarks is the Tower Bridge. Since its opening in 1894, it shapes the city’s image. It connects the two parts of the city, Tower Hamlets and Southwark and takes you over the river Thames. At the sight of its two towers, one immediately thinks of a castle, named the building after the nearby Tower of London. Ships want to pass, worked the road bridge up to an angle of 86 degrees.

3. Ponte Vecchio, Florence (I)

It is the oldest bridge of Florence and the most spectacular: the Ponte Vecchio, in whose bulges shops are housed. The medieval building dates back to 1345. The landmark of the city is even said to be the oldest segmental arch bridge in the world.

4. Rialto bridge, Venice (I)

Italy has to offer even more exceptional bridges, like the Rialto bridge in Venice. It is one of the most famous buildings in the city and takes you over the Canal Grande. Under their height of 7.50 meters and bustle around the clock gondolas with their singing riders through – a true spectacle!

5. Szechenyi chain bridge, Budapest

a Little less world-famous, but equally beautiful, is the Szechenyi chain bridge in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. It leads across the Danube, and is both the oldest and the most famous of the nine road bridges in the city. The construction of the chain bridge with its throne with lion statues, which lasted from 1839 to 1849. Their tongue-twisting name of the bridge of your Client and the Hungarian Reformer, count Istvan Szechenyi.

6. Helix bridge, Singapore

A true work of art is the Helix bridge in Singapore. It was opened in 2010 as the first arched bridge. The shape is inspired by the of a DNA strand. The building is made of glass and steel is a pure pedestrian bridge and provides stunning views of Singapore’s Skyline. Several times a year, to be issued on the Helix bridge also pictures by local artists.

7. Golden bridge, Da Nang (Vietnam)

In the vicinity of the Vietnamese town of Nang at Ba Na Hills Resort extends As a mystical bridge. The Golden bridge is a 150-Meter-long pedestrian bridge, which is approximately located 975 meters above sea level and two oversized, large hands that made it. The structure connects to a cable car station, with the gardens of the hotel; the view is spectacular.

8. Brooklyn Bridge, New York (US)

Everyone knows it: The Brooklyn Bridge in New York served countless movies as a scene of daily goers of about 120’000 vehicles, 4000 foot and 3,100 cyclists cross. It is one of the most visited landmarks of the city and is the oldest suspension bridge in the United States. Thanks to her, the city, parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn are connected by the East River. Earlier, the residents of the city were afraid that the bridge might not hold. To demonstrate how safe the Crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge, have been carried twelve elephants over the bridge.

9. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

In the case of a ride over this bridge, it is believed, to glide over the sea. At its opening in 1912, the Seven Mile Bridge was the longest bridge in the world. Today it consists of two bridges, one old and one new, which extend parallel to each other. The new is part of the cars, while the other is for pedestrians and cyclists. As part of the Overseas Highway, connects you with a length of 10’931 meters in the Florida Keys.

10. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (US) and swallowed up

Often, you from the mist: The Golden Gate Bridge connects the city of San Francisco with Marin County. Opened in 1937, is considered today as a Symbol for the United States and enjoys a worldwide fame. Currently about 112 daily’000 cars on your 2737 meters in length.

11. Harbour Bridge, Sydney

1400 workers toiled for eight years at this architectural masterpiece. Opened the Harbour Bridge in Sydney in 1932. The bridge carries the affectionate nickname “Coat Hanger”, due to its curved design. It is the main connection between Sydney’s North and South coast of the harbour.

the World provide spectacular and idiosyncratic buildings for attention. We present you the most beautiful bridge designs in a photo reportage.

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