The sun-filled autumn has come to an end. The temperatures dropped, and we can move back without having a bad Conscience in front of the TV back. Halloween comes just right for a cozy–creepy movie night at home.

saves the panel and does not have to dig deep in the makeup case to get halfway scary costumes face. A VIEW shows the best horror movie classics as well as new releases of the Horror genre for the witching hour.

Horror-Clown and killer doll

anyone Who believes that Clowns are not for children go to loving characters, to the on Stephen Kings (71) novel-based movie “It”, a circus.

But it’s not only Clowns can turn into horror design: In the case of “Chucky The killer doll” the little Boy Andy and his doll Chucky in the heart. The plot is simple: The toy begins to actively kill, although he was never the batteries have been inserted. Buuh!

the witching hour, and a true Killer

But in the classics is not only murdered but ghosts haunt in the Halloween night. As is the case with “The Conjuring” where a family moves into an old house. Constantly you hear the noise, and shadow scurrying everywhere – the house is occupied by scary demons. As the mother turns into a witch, must be performed an exorcism.

Who is very tough, must “let the blood court in Texas” not to miss. Five young adults from falling into the clutches of a cannibalistic family who like fiddling with chain saws. Still not creepy enough? The Film is inspired by a true story.

For all of them, but can’t do anything with old movies and prefer the new strip look at the current cinema landscape is enough Material.

new releases of the Horror-genre

In the Thriller “The Well,” a monastery of the grisly battlefield of the Living and the Damned as a dangerous demon in the Form of a nun on the loose drives.

Terrifying figures in the Science Fiction Film “Venom”. A Journalist is occupied by an Alien, which gave him super powers gives. These powers have their price, because the intruder promotes violence and lack of conscience.

And also mind games not currently in the cinema: The new Slasher Film “Halloween” tells the story of a murderer who, 40 years ago, on Halloween night, four young people killed. Together with other inmates he is in a psychiatric prison. The Transporter accident and the nightmare starts all over again.

anyone Who has a desire to get on Scary make-up, you can get Inspiration in the Video. Makeup master, Vanessa Cisullo (22) shows how to style yourself for the horror night. Inspiration is the movie “It”.

the world, Halloween

celebrate Halloween is approaching, and the anticipation of the uncanny Fixed increases. However, as one celebrates the evening before all saints ‘ day elsewhere in the world?

Seven facts about Halloween

Soon Halloween is coming. For those of you who don’t know what that is, we have sought the most important facts together. And a recipe for delicious pumpkin soup found.