The airline British Airways flies from London in all directions with varying degrees of success. Their Top-of-the-range in terms of revenues runs from New York to London. From April 2018 to March 2019, the Airline has taken alone with this Route is about 1.1 billion Swiss francs, the new Figures from the flight database, OAG. Thus, the flight of the most lucrative in the world and the only one that brings in more than a billion.

One reason for the high revenue of the British airline on this route, the Seating is. Almost a third of the seat the Airline offers the First Class or Business Class. According to expensive the Tickets are.

Airlines pay millions for good Slots

In the ranking of the most lucrative flight in follow distances behind the British Airways flight, the Compounds of Qantas Airways between Melbourne and Sidney, as well as by Emirates between London and Dubai.

This third rank shows the importance of the turnstile, London. Half of the ten most lucrative Connections around the world from or to London Heathrow. Accordingly, the take – off and landing are in high demand time slots, called Slots, on the main airport and the financial metropolis. According to “Forbes” cost of such a Pair of almost 70 million Swiss francs.

the Top remains the top

the comparison with The Figures of last year shows, the lucrative in the sky keeps relatively stable. The Top Ten routes are the same, the order is only slightly changed.

The Swiss does not appear anywhere in the data by OAG. On request, the company agrees to make a competitive tactical reasons, no information on lucrative routes. (jfr)