The 10 most expensive destinations for a winter holiday-2020

Moscow, January 31 — “News.Economy.” The Russian service of booking of accommodation for your holidays revealed the most expensive destinations for winter sports in February 2020.

the List is based on data of the paid applications apartments and houses tourists in the period 1 to 29 February 2020.

1. Dombay — 9000 RUB / 1 night

One of the most popular ski centres of the Caucasus — the Dombai is located in Karachaevo-Cherkessia. He’s good for pros and beginners, everyone will find there the appropriate route.

the Resort is very compact: all the hotels focused on Dombai glade and are in the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts, from one end of town to another can be reached in 20 minutes.

Ski season lasts from December to may.2. Lakhdenpokh’ya — 7733,5 rubles / 2 nights

Zhukovsky — a small town in the Republic of Karelia, situated on the banks Jakimanskaja Bay of lake Ladoga, 221 km to the West from Petrozavodsk, 175 km North from Saint Petersburg.

Among the main attractions are the following: Lutheran Church in Lumivaara, chapel of St. Valentine, the estate has Rauhala, Kurkiekki heritage centre, Park Ladoga skerries, complex reserve “Western archipelago”, Ruskeala marble canyon, the island of Baal.3. Minsk — 6984 rubles / 3 nights

Minsk — capital of Belarus. The largest transport hub, political, economic, cultural and scientific center of the country.

In Minsk there are more than 20 museums (including departmental — 150).

they are presented as permanent expositions and occasional exhibitions of the.4. Sortavala — 6812,5 rubles / 4 nights

Sortavala is the second after Petrozavodsk tourist center of the Republic of Karelia. An important role in this plays its role as one of the starting points of water tourist routes to the island of Valaam from the main pier of the city depart high-speed “Rocket” and the small boats carrying up to 20 % of the total number of pilgrims and tourists wishing to visit the island.5. Sheregesh — 6766,9 rubles / 2,6 nights

Sheregesh — the village of Tashtagol district of the Kemerovo region at the foot of the mountain “Green.” Also famous as a ski resort. Sheregesh is connected by a road with Anaheim.

In 2011, officially opened the road Chugunash — sports-tourist complex “Sheregesh” that reduced the road from Sheregesh Chugunash up to 16 km From the beginning of the 2000s, known as Sheregesh ski resort.

During this time, the number of tourists visiting the city has increased from 30 thousand to 980 thousand per year. Trails are located on the slopes of the Green mountains, at the foot of which there are about fifty different types of hotels. The ski season lasts from November to may.6. Domodedovo — 6700 RUR / 1 night

Domodedovo is a city in the Russian Federation in the South of Moscow region, 37 km from the centre of Moscow.

the Main attractions are the monument to Lenin Park Christmas Trees, the Obelisk of Glory, Domodedovo history and art Museum, Cathedral of all Saints resplendent in the Russian land, the Church of the Nativity, the temple of the Nobleborn Princes Peter and Fevronia of Murom, the estate of Konstantinovo and the State film Fund of Russia.7. Moscow — 6318,7 rubles / 3 nights

Moscow — an important tourist center of Russia. Moscow Kremlin, Red square, Novodevichy monastIRI and the Church of the ascension in Kolomenskoye included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. It is a major transportation hub.8. Bath — 6243,8 rubles / 2.7 nights

the Ski resort “Bath” is a very popular resort among Russians which is located on lake yakty-Kul (Bannoe), which annually attracts more than 200 thousand fans of popular extreme winter sports.

This ski center is very harmoniously fit into the whole infrastructure of leisure, which is created on a beautiful lake Bath — this includes places such as holiday homes, “Bath”, “Birches”, sanatorium “Anniversary”, “Kuskovo”, “yakty-Kul”, a children’s educational summer camp, called “Mountain gorge”9. Dmitrov — 6200 RUR / 1 night

Dmitrov is a city in Russia, a port on the Moscow canal, 65 km North of Moscow city centre. The Dmitrov Kremlin is enclosed by earthworks, oval in plan and represents a shaft height of 15 m and a length of 960 m.

dominating the Kremlin is the Uspensky Cathedral, built between 1509 and 1533 and repeatedly subjected to alterations.

located Near the administrative complex in which the buildings (offices, service wings, prison) were built at various times from 1810 to 1830-ies.

Also within the boundaries of the fortifications is the high school, nobility and the Church school.10. Abzakovo — 5928 rubles / 5 nights

On the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan is only 60 km from the city of Magnitogorsk is one of the most modern Russian health-sports complexes “Abzakovo”.

the Beauty of the Ural mountains, fresh air, rich nature of Bashkiria, high quality withEllis all made Abzakovo is absolutely unique.

Today, this center is popular both among fans and among professionals of skiing, snowboarding, Cycling, equestrian and motor sports.

the Ski season here starts in November and lasts almost until the end of may. Text: News.Economy