The 10 countries with the largest tourist flow to Russia

the Number of foreigners visiting Russia only for the sake of tourism, increased in 2019 from 20.5 percent to 5.1 million people, estimated the Association of tour operators of Russia, according to the border service of the FSB.

More than all tourists in Russia come from China, Germany, South Korea, USA and Israel.

This “five countries” lovers of Russian culture has not changed compared to the previous year. Most of them came from China – 1.5 million people. In 2019 the Chinese tourist flow to Russia increased by 19 percent.

About 750 thousand of them arrived in Moscow and St Petersburg. In the second place the Chinese in attendance — Primorsky Krai (170 thousand visits), the third — Amur oblast (116 thousand), Zabaykalsky Krai (38 thousand), Khabarovsk Krai (15.1 thousand).

Tourists from Germany in second place after the Chinese – last year the Germans increased the number of visits to Russia by 16 percent to 522,2 thousands of tourist visits.

Tourists in South Korea to third place in 2019 the number of tourists from this country increased by 20.8 percent and amounted 413,6 thousands.

In the fourth place, the USA. American tourists began to travel to Russia more often at 6 percent and made over 240 tourist visits to Russia in 2019.

Israel is in fifth place – the citizens of this country in the past year increased the number of tourist visits of 22 per cent to 199 thousand visits.

the Second half of the dozens of major tourist flows in Russia has changed in the past year. In sixth place, as in the previous year, Italy – 154,8 thousand times the Italians came to see the cities in Russia (+22% yoy).

But France pushed the UK and ranked seventh: the number of tourists from France to Russia rose by 32.4 percent to 154,3 visit to Russia.

In the end, tourists from the UK took eighth place — they’ve increased the number of tourists by 6.5 percent to 133.8 U.S. thousands.

the Last two positionstion the top 10 countries have not changed. In ninth place in 2019 as a year earlier, Spain (110,9 thousand, an increase of 30 percent), the tenth – Japan (80.3 thousand, an increase of 31.2%).

Next in the ranking by the number of tourists to Russia is located in India (76,8 thousand, +46%), Estonia (69 thousand, +74 percent), Finland (67,7 thousand, +21 percent), Latvia (60 thousand, +61 percent), Thailand (59 thousand, +15 percent), Lithuania (57 thousand, +137 percent), Turkey (51.7 thousand, +11.2 percent), Australia (51.1 thousand, +9.4%).

Major suppliers of tourists to Russia of the first of “dozens” of countries are only partly China and Germany. Thus, of the 2.3 million visitors from China only about 1.5 million Chinese said the “tourism” purpose of his visit to Russia.

Often, foreigners come to work, personal business, shopping, visiting relatives. In General, foreigners in 2019 visited Russia 32,9 million times, including tourist visits (+1% for 2019).