Majestic. Famous. And dangerous. The Matterhorn is not only one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, he is also one of the most deadly: Since its first ascent in 1865, killed more than 550 people, while trying to climb to the summit. Year to year the number of victims is rising rapidly. Reason: de-icing of Permafrost and a hot, dry summer, the slopes crumble and the glaciers are melting.

six people were in the past few weeks on the Matterhorn claimed the lives of. The most recent example: Chilean Gonzalo V.* (38), and his companion falls on the 24. July on the Eastern flank of over 800 meters in death, as boulders broke and you mitrissen.

In higher and higher layers of the Permafrost

For Hans-Rudolf Keusen taut, the heat was most likely to blame: “In higher and higher layers of the Permafrost thaws,” says the geologist and expert on natural hazards in the Swiss Alps-Club (SAC) of the “Sunday newspaper”.

Already, according to be discussed: Should we lock the Matterhorn for climbers? This would require, according to the “Sunday newspaper” some of the mountain guides. However, all anonymous.

Matterhorn lock – an absurd idea

An absurd idea, finds a colleague, Anjan Truffer (44): “The mountains belong to everyone,” says the head of the mountain rescue Zermatt to VIEW. “It would not be possible, the Matterhorn shut off. It can lead to many paths leading to the summit. You can’t put anywhere Palisades.”

The mountain guides confirmed that each of the extremely dry and hot summer, the risks increased. “The snow bridges on the crevasses are unstable and can break. In addition, it always comes back to stone impact,” says Truffer. “If the Situation is to some routes is critical, then we provide a mountain guide not a company any more.” It would then issued recommendations. “However, many climbers go without a mountain guide, beat this into the Wind.”

How dangerous are the mountains, was also this weekend: On Saturday morning, Dent Blanche (4357 m rushed at Pennine SC. M.) two German alpinists from. Hours later, collapsed on the Fiamma (2400 m above sea level. M.) in Vicosoprano GR a piece of rock, and crack a 30-year-old German in depth, were severely wounded by their 36-year-old companion. At the same time, also a 66-accident-Year-old on the Alp di Cadin in Roveredo GR.