Many research results show, however, that you have a counter-productive effect on the body, and can accentuate the feeling of Hunger even.

sweeteners stimulate appetite

scientists at the University of Sydney have this phenomenon on the basis of fruit fly studied in more detail. They discovered that the test animals by the consumption of Sweeteners measurably more aces than before.

“After the test were subjected to objects over a longer period of a sweetener-containing food, they began to eat significantly more, and thus take in more calories,” said Professor Greg Neely from the University of Sydney.

“thanks to our systematic analysis, we found that the brain Sssstoffe processed as sugar, but in the subconscious even more calories required,” he added.

In the context of the study were fruit flies exposed to five days of a sweetener-rich diet. In total, they consumed then 30 percent more calories than animals, which have natural sugar were administered.

A new study by Israeli researchers shocked. They show how our body reacts to artificial Süssmacher.

Because of sweeteners overall. more calories consumed

according to experts, these results can be transferred to people A similar study has already been carried out on laboratory mice. “We have found that the consumption of Sweeteners motivated the animals to consume more overall calories,” said Professor Neely.

The researchers found that sweeteners also predispose to conditions such as hyperactivity and insomnia, which can also be due to feeling of Hunger and fasting triggered. (CM)

sugar free diet is the Trend. More and more people want to put on, and isolated sugars are avoided. The positive effect is clear: weight loss and a more stable insulin levels. The use of erythritol is a good Alternative for those that like it but like something sweet.

Stevia Is a miracle plant with many effects? You should lower blood pressure, against caries effect, promote digestion and even Diabetes help. In addition, it is touted as a calorie-free sugar substitute. Stevia is really so healthy?

In Switzerland eat and we drink too much sugar. It makes you sick. It’s high time to kick the new year on the brake. However, this is easier said than done, as our author shows, in the self-attempt.

on The topic of nutrition, many rumors and allegations circulating. Claudia Müller, a qualified nutritionist from VIEW eBalance, white, what voices and what not.