taken over two years ago, in December, HMD Global rights to the brand name Nokia by Microsoft. The Finnish Start-up founded by former Nokia managers, and even today is still on the long Tradition of the former market leader for mobile phones.

The Comeback is so far quite a success. The brand is present in over 100 countries officially. 70 million devices were sold in 2017 in the first year. Figures for 2018 are not yet available. However, the sales were increased numbers according to Vice President of Pekka Rantala, and in a slightly Contracting overall market. Currently, Nokia is in Europe on 4th place of all the manufacturers.

in Switzerland, the Finnish brand is according to a study of the comparison service Comparis on place 4, with a usage rate of three per cent, and overtaking Sony (two percent). The distance to the top with Apple (44 percent), Samsung (36 percent) and Huawei (8%), however, is large.

The Nokia brand still attracts

reasons for the successful Comeback, the brand is Nokia, which has survived all the turbulence well, and the customer a lot of positive memories are safe. In addition, it is one of the few European Brands on the market, even if the production is of course also in China. HMD Global also relies on the old Nokia qualities like robustness, clean Design, or reliability.

An important Argument in favour of the buyer, the pure Android One, which is installed on the Smartphones. So there are three years of guaranteed monthly security Updates, as well as directly and quickly each of the new versions of Android. The price, of course, get the Nokia just for entry-level devices, and in the middle class.

HMD Global has just moved into new office space, because the space on the Nokia Campus was too small. Nokia as a manufacturer is still, as a specialist for network engineering, and data services with around 100’000 employees.

the New headquarters, old memories

HMD Global counts in Espoo (Finland) to around 150 employees. Pekka Rantala, Vice-President of the company, through the new headquarters. He has also worked for a long Nokia history, and 20 years for the brand. He also knows at the “Wall of Fame” to many of the old models of an anecdote.

Of the first models with a SMS with the music mobile phones with built-in 4 GB hard disc, a couple of years before the first iPod to the Communicator, took a lot of Smartphone functionalities in advance.

The global company with around 650 employees, is actually set up like a Start-up. With fast decision paths and a flexible structure. This includes that with partners. With Google for the operating system or with Zeiss for the camera systems.

Nokia has also unveiled a new Smartphone, the 8.1. All the information here.