In bra and panties snuggles embossed star Michelle (46) to a man who is naked except for a towel around the loin completely. This intimate photo she shares with her 37,000 Instagram followers. Also in their music video the singer, who was recently with her appearance in the “Helene Fischer Show” for OP-rumors dispensed to to much fuel. With tight Shorts and high-waist leg slit, it presents itself to the world in your Clip to “earned”. “I’m still never occurred as a stuffy singer,” explains the 46-Year-old in an interview with “”.

“I don’t do that, because I want to do something in order to achieve”

“I showed on Instagram half naked. But I find it nice, too. I don’t do that, because I want something to achieve,” she explains the Portal. Nevertheless, they reached media attention with your nudie Post. With the scantily-clad man at her side it was, however, quickly restored.

In the Schlager scene is now quite normal. Vanessa may (26) and Helene Fischer (34) to beat regularly with their revealing Outfits. There’s also Michelle mixes with: “If something is Fun, then I do it. I also know that some artists do that, to attract some attention. If that works then so, everyone must decide for themselves.” In the case of Michelle and her last nudie Post that worked at least. (euc)