the collar burst: As Annina Frey (38) in an Interview, then was asked what, in less than a year after their departure, the SRF your new Job, found the girl from Basel, Switzerland distinct words. “I said to the question “my new Job” to be honest getting fed up!”, you enervierte opposite “”.

In an interview with LOOK, the former “blaze of glory”-presenter now explains why you brought up this question in such a way on the palm. “It is the question that has been posed to me since my departure, the SRF at the most – and she’s not answerable,” says Frey, who left the leutschenbach at the end of April 2018. You don’t have “the” new Job simply. “I had worked at the SRF, a 50-percent workload and by the way, has always been self-employed, me slowly by the way, a private leg to stand on.” Last may, they have solved completely, in order to go their own way, quite deliberately, without any new permanent position. Among other things, the Ex-TV-Lady, in the meantime, as a music producer, DJ, presenter and actress (“Polizeiruf 117”).

On their Website, SRF

is not an employer That many people be clear on what you do exactly, can’t understand Frey. “Anyone who follows me on the social networks, gets a glimpse of my current projects. I think that who it is really interested in the checked out already.” Nevertheless, A point of criticism must be the multi-talented cast: Annina Frey’s site, so to speak, the business card of every self-employed – is completely obsolete: anyone Who clicks through there, gets the impression that she was still at the Swiss television. “Since 2007, she has worked as a presenter/editor at the celebrity magazine “Glanz und Gloria”, it says. In addition, your age is specified with a 33 – in fact, five years is Frey older. “My Website is really outdated,” she says. “I would have to make a new one, but I don’t have time. And the nerves.”

she was good

posted in Spite of everything: jobs, not mangle, emphasizes Frey. “I do still work on many different projects at the same time, at the Moment is work enough,” she says. “In addition, some rots already in the Pipeline.” So you think the music on their toes, adds to the DJ. And private? Because everything is for the Best, says Annina Frey. “No news, good news! Or?” (wyt)