An ice cream parlor in Düsseldorf spoils its customers’ enjoyment of ice cream with completely overpriced prices. In the Google reviews, they let out the extortionate prices. The operator does not seem to be particularly affected by the outrage.

With the beautiful weather of the past few days, many people felt like a delicious ice cream. But the guests of an ice cream parlor in Düsseldorf should have lost their appetite for vanilla, chocolate and strawberry balls very quickly when they saw the exorbitant prices.

The Café Ra Luna on the Rhine promenade charges a whopping EUR 23.90 for its largest sundae. But friends of ice cream lovers will also find their purses tight in this ice cream parlor – two scoops of “kids’ ice cream” cost 9.90 euros, according to the “Rheinische Post”.

The princely prices meet with customers – to put it mildly – incomprehension. With the Google ratings, they let their displeasure at the exorbitant prices run free. “The prices shocked me! We paid 29 euros for this waffle with a little strawberries and a scoop of ice cream and my ‘cup’ with three scoops of ice cream and cream,” writes a customer. The high price bears no relation to the quality. You have already eaten “significantly better and cheaper ice cream”.

Another ice cream parlor visitor meanwhile has nothing wrong with the ice cream per se. “But folks … 48.70 euros for three spaghetti ice cream?” she asks indignantly. “That’s not usury, it’s the ultimate!”

A Düsseldorf food blogger had also publicly complained about the ice cream parlour. He didn’t mention the name of the restaurant, but observant internet users seemed to have quickly spotted the Ra Luna as the location of the bad ice cream. The outrage on the internet then spread like wildfire.

However, the Internet hatred affects the operator of the ice cream parlor little. After all, the ice cream scoops are “particularly large,” he tells the “RP” – an impression that is only conditionally awakened when looking at the sundae pictures in the Google ratings. In addition, suppliers have increased their prices. In order to remain economical, the café would have had to follow suit. However, the family-run ice cream parlor does not have to live on sales, as the employees also work elsewhere. The extent to which the café will continue to be managed in the coming year will be decided at a later date.

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