In Formula 1, Mercedes in particular suffers from the so-called “bouncing”, the restless, hopping driving behavior of the new cars. A technical innovation caused dissatisfaction with the world champion team at the weekend, especially at Ferrari and Red Bull.

Confusion about new Mercedes element: Ferrari and Red Bull are on a confrontational course with Mercedes. The Silver Arrows were the only team on Friday in Canada to mount an additional support brace to stabilize the underbody on the car in order to reduce the so-called “bouncing”. But that was only allowed by the FIA ​​via directive on Thursday.

Ferrari boss teases: “Toto says they did it overnight,” said Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto on Sunday, according to “Motorsport Magazin”. He does not believe the representation of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff: “What I can say is that Ferrari can’t do it … no question, I’m surprised that a team is so strong that it can do it overnight.” On Saturday the strut on the Mercedes was gone, the directive was not applied.

Red Bull senses favouritism: Red Bull boss Christian Horner: “You can’t just change the technical regulations in the middle of the season”. And further: “So that was openly partisan to sort out the problems of a single team. And this team was the only one who showed up with it. Even before the directive. Somebody has to explain that to me.”