for eighteen years, Gianni Chiellini* (54) had cleaned from Biel, Switzerland, WORKING temporarily for the SBB trains, and train stations. He had given up the hope of a permanent position. Too often, he had applied for it and never got a positive answer. Despite numerous additional training and Top-notch work products.

Until now: This week Chiellini has signed a permanent contract. This because he had reported at the end of March in SIGHT, after Sunday, had written view of temporary work in the SBB. After he hit Chiellini to the conversation, his documents studied him unrecognizable Pose was photographed, wrote VIEW an article about the extreme case.

Fake News? Source of protection!

Have found the SBB, who is behind the false name of Gianni Chiellini, would you be able to fire him because of a lack of loyalty. Therefore, VIEWS in the article, changing some important information: in addition to the name of the place of residence or the exact length of his temporary job were not correct. The Reason For This Is The Source Of Protection.

Shortly after the publication of the SBB, head of personnel Markus Jordi (57) reported the case of a VIEW. He referred to the deal with Chiellini as a “mistake and we apologize to him, and we correct it now”.

Chiellini: “I’m really happy,”

Chiellini said on Friday after the contract signature LOOK: “I had not expected to! I’m really happy.” His real name or a photo, he does not want to see in the newspaper.

Now he has finally found his permanent position. And that’s only because he has chosen a month ago, the 044 259 89 89, number of VIEWS, editors,.

* the Name has been changed