for Four years he was away, even thought of it, to hang his career on the nail. “I could do whatever I wanted,” says Florian Ast (43). “I am not clever songs more of a just fell.”

Ironically, Elvis Presley (1935-1977) has been able to kindle in him the fire again. “Thanks to him, I have found my determination again.”

Recent platinum-Act of all times

Florian Ast and for many years was the largest dialect of the Stars of the Switzerland. Already with his first CD “Florenstein” he landed in 1996 prompt at the top of the charts. What made the then 19-Year-old the youngest platinum-Act of all time. Shortly thereafter, he released the anthem “Sex,” and I stormed this will be the final in the Swiss Pop-Olympus. His duet of “tear” from 2002 with Francine Jordi (42) was also a huge hit. The ballad is the best-selling Single in the country. With Jordi Ast was in a relationship later in private.

But then came the career to a Halt. With his last albums, Ast was not able to connect to the early successes. This also includes personal problems plagued him. Which does not want to explain, the father of two. He says only: “I was stuck in a hole. I urgently needed to clean up my life.”

“Again to get more focused”

the head free, indulged in the Bernese 2018 a multi-week trip through the USA. “From the distance you will see things clearer,” he explains. It have to spend extremely a lot of good time alone, “to be focused”.

On the program of his trip, a visit to the iconic Sun Studios in Memphis, where once the Johnny Cash (1932-2003) recorded his Songs, and a tour of Graceland, the palatial Villa of Elvis were. Then Branch went to Nashville, where he looked at the legendary concert hall, the Grand Ole Opry.

being So close to Elvis to, have influenced him significantly, says Ast. “I was as a child, a big Fan, in my children’s room Elvis posters hanging everywhere.” In Graceland, he had realized that he wanted to continue to make music. Elvis was at his death one year only older than he was, so Ast. “I realized that I’d better not lose any more time with Doubt.”

“Thousands of ideas”

After his return, the musicians holing up immediately into the Studio to write new Songs. “All of a sudden I had a thousand ideas. Everything seemed to work like clockwork.” His new Single is not called nevertheless “Memphis” or “Nashville”, but “Sanggaue”. “My loved ones live in St. Gallen,” says Ast. And he laughs: “you are to me a little bit closer than Elvis.”

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