Recall that in 2015, President Bronislaw Komorowski has signed a decree repealing the decree of 8 may 1945 on the establishment of the may 9 national Day of Victory and Freedom. Since then, this holiday in Poland is officially celebrated on 8 may. On this day in country traditionally laid flowers at the cemeteries where are buried the Soviet and Polish soldiers who died during the fighting for the liberation of Poland. And in some small cities in the country, despite the epidemic, modest laying flowers few representatives of the city authorities – with appropriate precautions – is still held.

But in the charts of President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Moravcova such events still do not appear. For organizations who study the history of the war, such as the Museum of History of Poland and the Museum of world war II, they teamed up to conduct the may 8 joint international conference in an online format. It’s called “the Burden of victory. World war II and its consequences and the way forward 75 years after its completion”. The organizers promise to discuss what it was – a Victory or “victory”. What would it be for debate, it is clear at least by the fact that among the speakers, former head of the Polish Institute of National remembrance łukasz kamiński, which became the main ideological inspirer of the mass demolition of the monument of gratitude to Soviet soldiers. Along with these monuments, the Polish government destroyed the monuments to the heroes of the Polish army who liberated Europe as part of Soviet fronts. So with the celebration of the anniversary of Victory in the conference, just the General date.

But the real festive event is organized by the poles. For example, the company “Kursk”, that finds and repairs the Soviet military burial sites in Poland, the anniversary of the Victory repaired the largest cemetery of Soviet prisoners in Kruglikovo. There, during the Nazi occupation of the country functioned Stalag I b In this area can be buried up to 50 thousand Soviet citizens.

“in the 9 may volunteers of the Commonwealth will lay flowers to monuments and graves of Soviet soldiers-liberators in Poland” – said “RG” head of the “Kursk” hedgehogs Pow. He himself, in the Victory Day will be in Warsaw, like other residents of the capital lay flowers at the tomb of the Unknown soldier and the obelisk in the cemetery-the mausoleum of Soviet soldiers. And some poles and Russians living in Poland, joined the action Niesmiertelny Pulk – “Immortal Regiment”, which this year will take place online.

Igor Zhukovsky, the head of the Russian centre of science and culture in Warsaw:

In our Centre, as elsewhere, the Victory Day this year will be celebrated with all those limitations imposed on us by the pandemic coronavirus. AndKtsia “Immortal regiment” will be held in online mode and I plan to participate in it. This day will remember his grandfather – Borkowski, Nicholas Anisimovich, who was wounded near Warsaw, participated in the liberation of the city and later stormed Berlin. In our family archive of his military awards, including “For the liberation of Warsaw” and “For the storming of Berlin”.

on the eve of 8 may PM our center will be Eugene Malinowski, a Polish actor, musician and singer. In front of the empty concert hall at the Russian cultural center, but before full virtual hall (the stream will be held in our social networks), he will sing songs of Victory. We have tested this method on 12 March we were visited by Oleg Pogudin with his band. His concert looked online a total of 4.5 thousand people, and we hope that this time, the audience will not be less.

the Russian language courses, which are now held in online mode will be “Lessons of Victory”. 150 foreign students in Warsaw and in Gdansk, 50 learn about the importance of the may 9 holiday in Russia. Will be a traditional contest of children’s drawings. In addition, we participate in all global network projects of Rossotrudnichestvo. For example, on may 9, radio “Orpheus” concert “the Road of Victory!” at the request of listeners. We encouraged all Polish fans of Soviet war songs to send us letters to 7 may. The organizers will make a ranking of songs and will include the most popular in the concert program.