The owner of 45% of the large Russian producer of canned fish tuna group “Delprogram” Thai Thai Union plans to increase the package. The Federal Antimonopoly service have agreed on consolidation to 100% of the asset, the cost of which could exceed $35 million For the Russian market of processing of fish attracting large international investors — a unique case. At the same time, the “Desipramine” argue that the complete exit of the Russian beneficiaries out of the question.The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) had previously granted a request from Thai Union EU Seafood 1 S. A. for the acquisition of rights to perform the terms of the “Delprogram”, LLC “TPK “Delprogram”” and “Maguro”. This service reported on 15 July. The transaction is the acquisition of Thai Union EU Seafood 1 S. A. 55% in TUMD Luxembourg S. a.r.l., which controls three Russian companies. As a result, the buyer will receive a 100% TUMD Luxembourg S. a.r.l., it is told in message FAS.”Delprogram” calls himself one of the largest manufacturers of canned fish and a leading player in the market of canned tuna in Russia. According to its own data, produces more than 40 types of products under the brand “Captain flavors” and “Maguro”. In the year produces more than 60 million cans.Thai Union PCL Group is one of the leading seafood producers with headquarters in Bangkok. Manufactures products of tuna, salmon, sardines, shrimp, in particular, under the brands Chicken of the Sea, John West, King Oscar, Qfresh. In 2019, the company received 126,3 billion baht ($4.04 billion) and revenue of 3.8 billion baht ($121,6 million) net profit follows from the statements. Capitalization on the stock exchange of Thailand — 65,37 billion baht ($2.09 billion). The largest shareholder with a share of 19.35% — the family of Chancery, stated in the report for the year 2019.Thai Union Group has agreed to buy 45% TUMD Luxembourg S. a.r.l. for $16 million in the summer of 2018. Thus, the whole business of “Delprogram” was estimated at $35.55 million Annual sales of the Russian group — about $45 million, reported by Thai Union. Then it was said that the remaining 55% TUMD Luxembourg S. a.r.l. retained by Russian beneficiaries “of Alpromisu”, their names were not called. “B” sent the questions to the representative of Thai Union.Executive Director of Fisheries Union Sergey Gudkov calls the deal between Thai Union and “Malproksimaj” unique for the Russian market. “Usually, the cooperation with foreign companies is limited to the purchase of raw materials and marketing of products, and here the Russian player is fully under the control of foreign corporations,” says Mr. Gudkov.Two years ago, investing in the business “of Alpromisu” in Thai Union explained that the deal will cover all the key European seafood markets, and also to enter the growing markets of developing countries.The General Director “Delprogram” Alexander Panin (according to EGRUL previously directly owned shares in group companies), said “Kommersant”, ��the parties so far only discussed options to increase package Thai Union. If the deal goes through, the Thai Union pass control and operational management, confirmed a top Manager. But, he said, about the complete withdrawal of Russian beneficiaries of the business it is not.Anatoly Kostyriv