The 66-year-old Monarch and his new wife, Queen Suthida (40), were acclaimed by more than 40 000 people. At the end of the roughly five-minute performance, both back and waved briefly.

The king – Rama X. called – appeared in a white Uniform. In his speech, he read with glasses of a sheet. He said: “I and the Queen, full of joy, as the people appeared so generous, to give to me on the occasion of my coronation, in accordance with his good wishes. May everyone be happy and get what he wants.”

Maha Vajiralongkorn, the office already since two and a half years, was crowned at the weekend in a lavish ceremony. The speech belonged to celebrate the last program points in the three-day Culmination.

On the balcony, the youngest son of the king from a previous marriage, Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti. The 14-Year-old who goes to school in Germany, as the suspected heir to the throne.

In October, it will still be a large boat procession on the river that runs through Bangkok, the Chao Praya. Rama X. then rowed with a century-old barge on a throne over the water.