Thailand was closed to international traffic before the end of April

the fact that it’s still going to happen, Prime Minister prayut Chan-OCHA, contrary to its earlier assurances, has announced just two days before introduction of state of emergency. Prior to that, Thai spas continued to draw tourists from around the world. Hostages “Thai trap” for the Russians, many of whom are short-sighted, decided not to abandon the vouchers, ignoring the strong recommendation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia to refrain from trips abroad in a difficult, and most importantly – unpredictable situation.

Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier In Thailand, to combating coronavirus has attracted “robot ninja”

Now they were divided into two camps. Some are accused of “inaction”, the Russian Embassy in Bangkok, although diplomats urgently looking for all possible ways for the speedy evacuation of Russian citizens, which is constantly notify them via the website, social networks and hotline. But there are those who, on the contrary, requires to invent for them an exceptional opportunity to extend the period of stay more than 7 days to comfortably “ride out” the coronavirus at local beaches. However, this idyll is crumbling before our eyes: in the quarantine foreigners are strictly prohibited from five o’clock to leave the hotels, of which people, fortunately, are still not massively evicted, as for many where it occurs.

“Attention! Leaving the country is still open! In this connection again we call on the Russian citizens in Thailand to leave the country and return to Russia on a direct flight the Russian airline” – to the last signalled tourists in the Embassy. The day before they were contacted personally by the Russian Ambassador in Thailand Evgeniy Tomihin: “as of March 25, flights between Russia and Thailand is limited, but not prietenulof eno. Continue daily flights by Aeroflot between Moscow and Bangkok. Charter flights are carried out. I would like to once again call on all compatriots to exploit opportunities for independent return home.” For anyone who wants to fly but can’t the foreign Ministry and the Embassy opened until March 26, the entry in the list for evacuation.

thousands of Russians ignored the statements of the Russian foreign Ministry about the risks of going abroad in the fight against the pandemic

However, to take advantage of this chance, judging by the heated debate that unfolded on the page Embassy in Facebook, wanted not all. “Tell me how to extend the tourist stamp for another 30 days if I don’t want to return to Russia?”, “I am a traveler, my plans were not to go home in the coming year. I would like to Consulate agreed to extend the stamp for a month, and before you know it, and the quarantine will end, can be to fly somewhere else”, “I’ve Got a ticket back in November has been bought, I’d rather sit here, isolated in his house” – outraged countrymen. Individual Complainants even claim “not to drive healthy people to the airport.”

Makashnits left without tourists, which, after 17.00 are sitting in hotels. Photo: Sisomphou Amonphan

However, reasonable voices, too many. “I don’t understand our Russian “Avos”: when Europe closed borders, the Russians bought cheapened the vouchers. Nobody came, why prices fell? And how to get out of there if everywhere else is closed? Pandemic last came,” – said one of podeschi.

Alas, because frankly careless attitude to a very serious situation with the pandemic a few thousand of our compatriots stuck in various parts of the world, from the Philippines to Chile. “I have friends back in the fall went to Goa to spend the winter. And even when the epidemic began, did not want to return, like most out there. At first they were all quiet, and then suddenly declared quarantine for three weeks, MAGasini suddenly closed. Here they sit without food, but I don’t seem too worried – for them it is an adventure” – shared with “RG” Muscovite, which has a trip to a warm country, too, was canceled.

“every hour We record the new quarantine requirements, restrictions of movement and flight cancellations or simply the cessation of flights to and from most countries in the world. To predict how will behave the authorities of a particular country in order to solve the internal problems, in principle, impossible,” is March 19 at a press briefing warned the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, Russia has continued to sell and buy last minute tours to the Philippines at a time when our diplomats in this country have already thought about how to evacuate Russian citizens.

So it now looks like the airport in Phuket: the entry for foreigners is closed until 30 April, the flights are cancelled. Photo: Sisomphou Amonphan