BANGKOK, may 8 — RIA Novosti. After the end of the pandemic, Thailand will be opened for tourist trips fully, without restrictions, said Friday on press briefing at the government House in Bangkok press-Secretary Center for combating coronavirus infection Thailand Thavisin Vienojoties.

“I can’t say yet when this will happen, but I can firmly say one thing: after the pandemic, Thailand had open for tourists from all countries in full,” he said.

“We already showed at the beginning of the epidemic, we can take care of foreign nationals as well as of his countrymen. The first patients COVID-19 in Thailand, as you remember, there were Chinese tourists. We cured and returned home. If, after the end of the pandemic, will be sporadic cases COVID-19, including visiting Thailand foreign tourists, we will treat everyone we care about everyone, and the Thais and the foreigners,” said Vienojoties.

He stressed that after the end of the pandemic in Thailand, as elsewhere in the world, will be taken precautions against the emergence of new outbreaks in the framework of the “new normality”, but these measures are likely to be global and therefore will not have a negative effect on the recovery of the tourism industry.

as of Friday may 8, with the start of the pandemic in Thailand contracted coronavirus infection 3 000 people died and 55 people, fully recovered 2 784 people.