Thailand closes due COVID-19 stadiums, but continues to import from Russia tourists

as of Tuesday, the number of officially registered patients with coronavirus in the Kingdom closer to 200. Bangkok made an official measure suggests that there does not perceive the situation as safe. With the media in Thailand, close all the stadiums, the arena of Thai Boxing, cockfighting and horseracing tracks. However, many beaches are still available. Also not a quarantine for entering the country to foreigners. The desire of the Thai authorities not to lose the already reduced earnings from tourism leads to the fact that “landing” for 10-14 days of rest coronavirus in Thailand, foreigners are quietly return home, where, in fact, they identify the disease. This has already happened with one of the Russians who have returned from Phuket: an analysis of the coronavirus gave a positive result, now the government is looking for all the passengers of the ill-fated flight to send them to the quarantine.

Photo: EPA How coronavirus raises the bandwagon to tourists

amid this kind of state policy aimed at obtaining profit at any cost, no longer seems an amazing failure of national carrier Thai airways to continue to fly to Russia (according to March 17), despite the fact, that 18 Mar the entry of all foreigners into our country is prohibited. While it looks like that for the sake of revenue the airline is willing to drive to Bangkok and from Bangkok Russians are willing to risk their and other people’s health for the sake of the beautiful beaches and sun. I should add that the carrier, for obvious reasons, also does not want to return all the money to those of his Russian clients who are aware of all related COVID-19 risks, I would like to demonstrate civic responsibility and to cancel the trip to Thailand, SDAB previously purchased tickets.