The Four-star Hotel “Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl” is currently a celebrity guest, you can enjoy the generally applicable regulations to loosen. The luxury hotel is said to have requested, according to the “image” of a special permit in the district office, to the Hotel for the Thai king Maha Vajiralongkorn could remain open.

Thai king. with around 20 women in a Bavarian Hotel

life, The approval of the application justified the district office on request by FOCUS Online: “The Landratsamt Garmisch-Partenkirchen has granted to the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl is an exception, because the guests are not a single homogeneous group of people, when no fluctuation is present The Hotel is for the normal accommodation facility is not accessible.”

Vajiralongkorn, also Rama X. called to live according to the “image” of around 20 women plus staff in the Hotel. According to the district office, the actual number of current residents is available in the Hotel but it is not known. Whether the king may have been due to the Corona pandemic rod equal to a Doctors in the house taken, also remained open. “Our health Department is in this regard nothing is known,” the spokesman said.

Thai king is not adhering to Augangsbeschränkungen? The police

The DPA news Agency reported that the Hotel panorama is to include views of the mountains to the king, in the meantime, says. This is not true as the lawyer of the hotel, FOCUS Online reported. “Since 1982, the ownership has changed nothing.” DPA corrected now, and now reports that the Hotel belongs since 1982, the businessman Omar Zawawi of Oman.

According to the newspaper “Bild”, the output restrictions do not apply for the Thai king, who is always happy to visit you in Bavaria. So people will always be out of his allegiance with the bike in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the way.

According to information from the police headquarters in upper Bavaria South of the king and his entourage, however, to the regulations of the output restriction. The local police are so far no relevant violations, it said to FOCUS Online.

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note from the editor: Originally the word was in the Text, the Hotel is not to be conducted according to the “image” as an accommodation, but as a normal house. This is according to information of the Hotels is not correct. Therefore, we have removed this statement from the article.